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Describe the responsibilities to parents in counseling


Describe the responsibilities to parents in counseling



As defined, counselors sometimes form helping relationships with parents in either counseling or consulting roles. Informing parents of the purposes and procedures to be followed and maintaining confidences are practices that apply to helping relationships established with parents as well as with student.
Counselor’s have a responsibility to inform parents about services available to students and involve parents when appropriate. Although the ethical responsibility for maintaining confidentiality between a counselor and student may be understood, the legal responsibility of counselors to involve parents in their helping relationships is not as clear. These
differences between ethical practice and legal requirements sometimes confuse counselors and place them in the precarious position of decking whether to protect children’s rights or please parents. Generally, schools counselors can avoid some of those entanglements by keeping parents informed of the services provided in their counseling programs; making program brochures available to parents and using other mediator advertise services and develop an open dialogue with parents. In school counseling, particularly at the primary and elementary school grades, parental involvement is essential. Encouraging parental involvement and seeking a student’s permission to release information and facilitate this involvement is a delicate matter (Salo and Schumate, 1993). Again, counselors search for a balance between their legal obligations and ethical responsibilities. There is no single guideline to direct counselors toward the correct path on every occasion.
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