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Effects of rural to urban migration in Kenya


Date Posted: 1/21/2014 11:54:57 PM

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Effects in urban areas

1. Unemployment
- Increased movement of people from rural areas to urban areas causes high unemployment rates since there are more workers looking for the few jobs available.

2. High rate of crime
- When many people moving to urban areas are unable to secure employment opportunities, some to to criminal activities to earn a living.

3. Increased immorality
- Social evils such as high immorality rates become rampant as people turn to dubious means of earning money.

4. Development of slums or shanties
- People who are unable to afford proper housing move to slums and settle there as the cost of housing in slums in very low.

5. Poor sanitation
- The influx of people in slums lead to low sanitation as most slums have poor drainage systems.

6. Shortage of facilities such as schools and hospitals
- As more and more people move to towns and cities, the demand for schools and hospitals in the towns become high leading to an acute shortage.

7. Pollution of the environment
- As urban areas become overcrowded, environmental pollution increases through sewage systems, motor vehicle emissions, improper disposal of wastes e.t.c.

8. Low wages and salaries for people working in urban areas
- Influx of people in urban areas increases labour supply hence low wages.

9. Crowded streets
- Streets in major towns and cities become crowded with many people due to increased population in towns.

10. Changes in roles
- When men move to urban areas and leave their wives in rural areas, they have do all chores including the ones meant for women.

Effects in rural areas

1. Reduced pressure on land
- As more and more people move to urban areas, the pressure on land reduces in rural areas.

2. Better economic conditions in rural areas
- When people move to urban areas and secure jobs, they sent money back to the rural areas hence improved economic

conditions in the rural areas.

3. Changes in roles played by men and women.
- Women or men left in the rural areas have to do both men's and women's work.

4. Reduced agricultural production in rural areas
- As many able-bodied and energetic people move to urban areas, labour sources for rural farming reduces hence reduced agricultural production.

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