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How to tackle bad bodily emissions


Date Posted: 10/28/2013 5:29:35 AM

Posted By: Karjosse  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 615

Everyone faces some embarrassing personal situations at the most inopportune times.Bodily emissions and so forth are the last things you want to happen when you are far away from the comfort of your house.What do you do when you suddenly start hiccuping while attending a meeting? Read on how to tackle such situation with panache.

The quickest way to banish them is to gargle water for a few minutes.If you are in a meeting and you are unable to escape quickly enough to the washroom,simply take a few gulps of water without letting any air in between.

Wind passage.
When the situation strikes at a time when it is not supposed to,take a spoonful of infacol,a formula designed for colic in infants.This formula gathers up all the gas in the stomach and helps emit it all at once.
To prevent gas build up,avoid the following foods: sweet potatoes,cabbages,beans and soft drinks.In the regrettable event that you break wind in polite company,it is better not to apologize about it and call more attention to the situation.In most cases,everyone pretends that they did not hear anything,so keep up the act.Other sounds like pulping or yawning may be excused,but farts are the limit.

Strong breath.
This avoidable situation can crop up when you least expect it to.The handiest way to take care of it is to chew on some mints.To ward it off,brush and floss your teeth every night,followed by morning teeth and tongue brushing.If the problem persists,it may be due to somethings more serious warranting a check-up.

Juffy freshening.
Do not apply spray to your armpit without wiping them down first using a baby wipe.Perfume reacts with the odour causing bacteria to produce a stronger smell.

This matter is compounded if you also happen to be nervous.To stop your face and hands from sweating profusely,take a very cold drink with

ice-cubes if possible.Spray or rinse your face and hand-with ice-cold water.The sudden drop in temperature will do the trick.Otherwise,a quick swipe with a moist towelette will be helpful.

Throw up.
Reach for the nearest paper bag or container and do it there.If there is no other way,dash the door and hope you can hold it to the washroom.To prevent this,take a nausea suppressant if your stomach is queasy.

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