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Reasons why most kenyaplex users are not posting in the resource section.


Date Posted: 12/9/2013 6:15:24 AM

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Kenyaplex is one of the genuine web site where you can earn money online through participation by posting articles,past papers, discussions, polls and other interactive and educational materials. In this regard it has come to my attention that most users of Kenyaplex do shy away from posting in the resource section because of the following factors of concern:-
1.High quality articles- most people do not get the right type of articles to post, that are of high quality as it is a rule in posting to this section.
2.Size/volume of the article-majority of the users do not spent a lot of time thinking and researching on important resources/articles to post, hence they end up with only 2 to 3 sentences to write.
3. Resource section is believed by many kenyaplex users as for those with huge number of points and thus reducing the number of user.
4. Lack of seriousness-people who are posting are just limited to those sections which does not require a lot of research and time, since they lack the seriousness to do so.
5. Lack of understanding for resource section- many users don't know what resources are and hence they don't bother with the section.

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