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Some of the most annoying things that happen while you are online


Date Posted: 1/28/2014 12:18:55 PM

Posted By: Osti  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 944

Too many, being online is an activity that forms a huge part of their social and financial life generally. Anything that hinders or interrupts anyone while online usually hits the nerves of any person in a bad way. I have tried to outline some instances which have really upset me severally while online.

Download failed!
This message is one of the most annoying and frustrating of all that one may receive while online. After spending hours searching for good things to download and waiting for a period of time from minutes to hours for the download to complete, nothing is more annoying than your downloader showing that the download has failed. For whatever reason there is no right whatsoever for anything to waste anybody’s time waiting and later tell those people that their efforts were a mere waste of time. If you want to make any online person angry, make their long awaited downloads to fail.

Lost network
Sometimes especially in cyber cafes there are usually instances when you are in the middle of your surfing business then all of a sudden everything hangs and you are told that the network has lost. Even if the network has lost the cyber guys will at most times still charge you for the amount of time you spend waiting for a page to load due to lost network.

Unable to find proxy server
This message simply means you are doomed and can no longer access the internet. The thing that even annoys the more is that they will give you a list of things which when you check you have all of those things right. The first one always is; Check the proxy settings to make sure that they are correct with correct proxy setting still you cannot access the internet. The second instruction usually is; Check

to make sure your computer has a working network connection. Even if you check and find you have a working internet connection still you cannot find the proxy server. The third one is usually; If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web. With all permissions still you may not be able to access the net. The three instructions are usually crowned by an annoying “Try again”. That just sums it all up.

No flash player installed
This especially happens on YouTube when you have just found the most sought after video and suddenly you are told that you do not have an Adobe flash player installed in your computer so you cannot watch whatever you want to watch. You borrow a friend the software and you install it and you are told it is out of date. You try to update it and there are one too many processes involved in updating the software. All you can now do is get frustrated and give up till further notice when the anger levels have dropped.

No valid keys for internet download manager
There are few reliable downloading engines and one of the most common is internet download manager commonly abbreviated as IDM. This software is fast and efficient in downloading whatever thing you want to download but it has a problem with its keys. You get good IDM software and install its keys which are accepted until you go online and you want to download your materials then you are told that apparently your keys are invalid. That is usually just so annoying.

Someone sending text to phone
When someone is online and they tell you that they are online, never text them. Some people always wait until you get online then they start sending short text messages to you when all day long they never remembered to text you. This is a crime committed mostly by ladies who somehow feel that any time is good time. That is a bad and derogatory idea that should be abhorred by all. Online time is not texting time.

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