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The journey of a lost person


Date Posted: 2/2/2014 6:21:43 AM

Posted By: Osti  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 944

At times we say life is not fair. At times we choose to let go of those supposedly bad to us. At times we welcome anger and doubt into our lives and let them drive us into error. At times we are so sure of our error that we make it law. At times we let ourselves see the whole world as being against us. At times we cry foul over every little uncertainty. At times we decide to walk the path all alone. At times we decide to think that others will be hurt if we hurt ourselves. At times we forget the true and sure part of life that we have around us. At times we allow ourselves to think we are an island even though we are at the centre of the mainland. At times we take too long to discover we are on a steady constant and rapid fall. At times we are deaf and blind to our conscience. At times we are lost to ourselves. At times we see reality slowly fading from before our eyes. At times we cry ourselves to sleep. At times we don’t want to wake up to face this old rugged world. At times we just can’t wait for a day to end so we can sleep on our sorrows as a drunkard and wake up to the same sorrows. At times we make our life a hopeless cycle. At times we choose to stick to our sad unkind and troubled life’s toils. And at times after clasping tight all our errors and failures we are tempted to say ‘’after all life isn’t fair’’.

We get disappointed, only to realize that we just don’t have the courage to go for that which is approved and sure of us.

We spend years thinking on “what ifs” but spend seconds working on what really is true and real. We don’t weigh our strengths and weaknesses. We choose our weaknesses to ride over our strengths. We get desperate and seek the worst options to sort our worst moments. We cry when the worse situations get far degrading than we first started. We try and get a little ‘’sane’’ but all is in vain. We stop to think of where and when the rain started beating us. We discover we can’t really trace the source of our current tragedies. We see a long progressive journey into the quagmire we are steeped into. We cannot jump to a single conclusion to end the whole mess. We discover it’s a tedious and painful process towards reversing the bad. We gather along our way that it’s a hard process changing our bad habits. We find exchanging the wrong for the right is a hard process for we are clung to the bad and that it has become part of us. We try to find hope in anything or anyone but they do not help us. We discover that the simplest things and people are the only real part that makes us whole. We open our eyes to our errors. We try and are as repentant as convincible. We let go of our pride or ego. We face life with weak hope and weak courage. The hope cultivated keeps us growing. We bring close all that rebukes our errors and encourage our strengths. We cry our heart out that someone or something may happen in our lives and help us back to our feet. We are humbled, we are experienced. We are kinder, we are more careful, we are appreciative, we are watchful, and we warn those that tread the path we trod before. We are sincere; we are true to all and most importantly to ourselves. We have learnt the hard way. We take our consequences as lessons. We use them to build us, encourage us, uplift us, and keep up rowing our life boat away from our past mistakes and any perceived faults ahead of us. We are mature; we are independent in the real way. We care for those who truly are our life friends. We go back to our humble beginnings when all was innocent. We aren't yet happy but we hope for a better day. We feel the right things. We love, we care, and we mean each intention. We have found every muse in our lives that we had once lost. We know it is going to be a road we never trod before and we are encouraged to walk the good walk. We are a new being.

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