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The ideal steps to carry out a christian marriage


Date Posted: 3/2/2017 2:33:48 AM

Posted By: Abced  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 1085

Marriage is actually the union between a man and a woman,who then live together as one.There exist many forms of marriage ranging from Christian, customary to traditional marriage. Among the forms,Christian marriage seems the best option because it allows God's intervention in your marriage. Below are the ideal steps for a christian marriage:

Seek God's guidance.We all know that there is nothing impossible before God.To succeed in anything, it is always a good idea to put God first. Marriage is usually successful if God's intervention was made.Before approaching your partner for marriage, seek God's guidance to direct you to the right person for you.This may help to get the right person who can't commit adultery, who can remain respectful, who can remain responsible and who can remain a child of God.

Courting and dating.After having sought God's guidance,seek for a suitable partner.When I say a suitable partner I mean the partner with qualities that are favourable to you.If it is a woman,she should have the qualities of caring,faithfulness,understanding,trustworthiness,loving,God fearing and respect, among others.In case of a man,he should portray the traits such as responsible, faithfulness,trustworthiness,hardworking,loving,God fearing, among other traits.After successfully loving each other,take time to know each other well.Know each one's hobbies,family members,home background,interests,education level,among others.Date for at least two years so that you can know each other well.You can spend your dating together by having dinner together in a restaurant, going to each other's church together,visiting tourist attraction places,among other activities that can let both of you enjoy.

Introduce yourselves to parents.Many lovers nowadays don't introduce themselves to their parents.It is usually a good idea to visit each others parents for introduction. This allows parents' participation in your marriage.Parents can trace your family roots to determine any existence of relationship through blood kinship.If in any case the lovers are relatives,the parents can

reject the relationship,hence no marriage. But if they are not relatives, parents can give them advice on how to live together happily. The woman's parents may also wish to know your lover's life history and employment status to ensure security in the woman's life.No parent will be happy to see her daughter live her home to enter into a life full of suffering. Parents will take part in your marriage plans to ensure you are the right people to marry each other.

Let parents negotiate.After being ready to live together,make an arrangement to set a date for meeting of your parents.It is always a good idea to visit woman's parents because they are the ones to receive dowry.The girl's parents decide on the dowry amount and the means of dowry payment.It is from here when negotiations can be done.

Share meals and exchange gifts.After negotiations between parents has been made,you can arrange for a date so that both of you and your parents can meet to share meals together.Both sides can exchange gifts.This is the best way to strengthen the bond between both families.

Seek marriage guiding and counseling from church.Marriage will definitely be a blessing one if clergy members of the church can take part in the marriage arrangement. While in the church,you can be prayed for so that God can take part in the whole marriage preparations as well as your life together.

Conduct blood testing.Blood testing can be done to screen for any availability of sexually transmitted infections especially HIV and AIDS.This enables the lovers to know their health status,which allows for a favourable decision to be done concerning your lives.If both of you test negative,you can live a faithful life because you know each other's status and you can't allow any sexual infection that might arise through adultery. This is how beneficial blood testing is.

Set a date for wedding.After you have introduced yourselves to your parents,after parents have negotiated, and after the church has guided you on the way forward in marriage,the remaining part to do is wedding.Both of you will agree on a suitable date for the wedding.This is after you have obtained a marriage certificate from the registrar of marriages.

The actual wedding.During the actual wedding,relatives and friends usually gather in the church to celebrate with the couples.The priest(minister) takes charge during the whole wedding ceremony. Before the occasion begins,the couples' wedding pictures are taken.For blessings in the marriage,bride's parents and grandparents as well as groom's parents and grandparents should be available to witness the whole process.Other important people are bridesmaids and groomsmen, maid of honor and best man, flower girl and ring bearer. Best man can hold the bride's wedding ring if the ring bearer is not available.This is same for maid of honor to hold groom's wedding ring in the absence of the ring bearer.Wedding vows and exchange of rings are usually done at the directions of the priest/minister.During the exchange of rings,the groom does first then the bride.This is the same for the exchange of rings.There is also cutting of the cake by both the couples.The occasion will be incomplete without the couples kissing each other,usually followed by a big applause.

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