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Diseases that men suffer from


Date Posted: 4/24/2018 3:43:16 AM

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Men are usually very vulnerable to diseases compared to women. This is caused by the fact that women have hormones that act as protection from many diseases, and men on the other hand do not have these hormones. It is quite unfortunate that, men’s hormones do not that give them that advantage. My guess is that this is the cause of the men’s high mortality rate compared to that of women.

Stomach and chest are very vital because this is where the most valuable organs are located namely heart, kidneys, liver, intestines and ovaries for women. An appendix is also located there and although it is not thought to be important, if it becomes full, it can rapture and this can cause death if not taken care of immediately.

The diseases that mostly affect men in this time and age are high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney problems, Prostate cancer, Heart diseases, just to mention but a few. It is very important to mention that many of the diseases suffered nowadays are lifestyle diseases. We have adopted the western lifestyle and together with it we have also adopted the diseases that come with it. We do not watch whatever we put in our stomachs anymore, ending up taking in junk and processed foods. This has left our stomach very dirty, and so most of the diseases we see nowadays have their roots in the stomach. So most of the times you will hear men complaining of stomach ache. And as we mentioned before, there are very vital organs in the stomach.

When a man goes to the hospital while complaining of stomach ache, the first thing that the doctor should do is to get his personal details, then ask him what the problem is and hear it right from the horse’s mouth, even

if he is guessing what the problem is, he could be wrong. Then the doctor should review the case in details, if it is the stomach, what part of the stomach is aching. It is good to know that when the stomach is aching, it aches everywhere in the first 12 hours, then it pin points exactly where the problem is after that 12 hour duration, so the stomach is very specific when it comes to diagnosis. The doctor should then divide the stomach into 4 parts so as to know exactly what organ could be the problem. On the upper part, there is the liver and the kidney. But when the kidney is the problem, the back is usually the one that aches. On the lower part there are the intestines and the prostate gland. The doctor should then feel the stomach as he asks the patient questions without assuming anything.

After the doctor has located the problem, he should do the necessary tests just to confirm his diagnosis. Being tested is costly but worth it. Remember some of these diseases are very risky and can be fatal if the patient is not attended to quickly. For example, an appendix that is filled up ruptures after 72 hours if not attended to. Also the rupturing of the stomach artery that takes blood to the legs can make someone die within 2 to 3 hours. So these things should be taken that seriously. The doctor should never give drugs before verifying his diagnosis through a test. After the test is done then the necessary treatment can be administered.

Apart from stomach diseases, there are the heart problems. Heart problems are caused by diabetes, bad cholesterol, high blood pressure and stress. But just to mention, stomach ache can also be a symptom of a heart problem, and the doctor should not rule it out when making a diagnosis.

In conclusion, to deal with men’s diseases, I would advise them to eat well, do away with junk foods, processed foods, alcohol and smoking; I would also advise them to take things easy. Men of nowadays are stressed up most of the time. They should know their stress limit. They should not say that they are men so they should carry every burden on their backs without sharing whatever they are going through. Considering that now we are not a third world country but a developing country, everybody is in a rush to acquire wealth, so as to live like so and so, especially men. They get a loan which they are unable to pay, thus taking in more than they are unable to chew. They suffer in silence until their bodies are unable to take it anymore. And so the diseases set in. Although they are supposed to work hard, they should take time to rest, and give their bodies time to relax. Men should also learn to communicate especially when in pain, be it physical or emotional. This way our fathers, husbands, uncles and brothers, sons will live long and healthy lives.

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