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Is obesity genetically linked or lifestyle related?


Date Posted: 11/7/2017 12:58:46 PM

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Over the past few decades, obesity has increasingly become a global menace. Obesity is described as excessive fat accumulation arounf visceral organs and tissues under the skin, hampering normal functioning of the body system. The effects of obesity are profound in all age-groups,and it could be a chronic lifetime disease in worst case scenarios. A large percentage of the causes of obesity are strongly attributed to habits and environment. However, can this condition be linked to genetic causes?

Genes determine most of our physical characteristics, including skin colour, height amongst other characteristics. A few characteristics are determined by the environment. Coming from a family with a history of obesity might slightly increase one's chances of inheriting the condition. This does not however mean that it goes without saying and the individual is a hundred percent susceptible to obesity. Living with this predisposition would mean that the condition is fate-dependent. The possesion of the causative gene for obesity does not automatically guarantee the development of the condition.

Research has however proven that some few obesity cases are actually caused by genetic disorders. This only constitutes a minor percentage.
Also,being a victim to this disorder does not outrightly condemn an individual to a lifetime of struggling to combat obesity. The disease majorly depends on one's choice of habit patterns. Individuals with the genetic disorder have the capacity to reverse the condition by living a healthy life in terms of eating, exercising and other lifestyle parameters. Constantly subjecting yourself to stress and sticking to alcoholic beverages might further aggravate the condition.

On the contrary, it is actually possible for a genetically normal individual to develop obesity. Continuously neglecting the simple health principles soon bear consequences in a disease that might prove hard to rid yourself of.The body grows overweight,which is just a step further from becoming obese.

This condition is a self-treatable disease. One should continuously monitor their growth pattern to keep obesity at bay.

Clearly, obesity is more of a lifestyle-dependen than a gene-dependent condition. Genetics may be influencial but not as much as lifestyle is. Instead of spending time wondering why fate is letting you suffer from obesity, one should stick to healthy habits and make the maintenance of their body weight a constant responsibility.

Regardless of the cause of obesity, its effects are far-reaching and the victim is at an augmented risk of developing various life-threatening diseases. Such include diabetes, high blood pressure amongst others. It is therefore necessary to be on the lookout of any sign of obesity. More important is to be on constant watch of our lifestyle patterns in order to keep our physical health in good condition.

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