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Body odour and its control measures


Date Posted: 6/30/2017 5:01:56 AM

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Body odour is a smell produced by a person's body that other people find unpleasant. It is so embarrassing to live with body odour because many people will try as much as possible to avoid you.Every person will always feel happy to meet new friends and make jokes or have a walk together.But body odour can limit such an interaction with friends to a larger extend.It will make people even the closest friends to isolate themselves from you.Body odour can be as a result of sweat.Sweat is actually odourless,but when left on the skin,the bacteria that normally live there feed on it and breaks it down.This breakdown process by bacteria releases chemicals that cause unpleasant smell.

The parts of the body that are more likely to produce body odour are the armpits and genitals.This is because the glands in these areas give off proteins and oily substances that bacteria feed on.Other parts mainly releases salts in form of sweat which bacteria do not feed on.Feet can also release body odour because we wrap them in socks and shoes,making them hot and humid.As a result,this allows fungi and bacteria to flourish.

Symptoms of body odour will vary from person to person. In most cases,it entails an unpleasant smell that may be worse in hot and humid conditions.The smell may disappear whenever one takes bath,but may return rapidly.This is especially when one wears unwashed clothes covered in old sweat and bacteria.Such unpleasant smell on your body will signify that you have body odour.

Victims of body odour are mainly adolescents.This is because at puberty ,sweat glands develop under the stimulation of hormones and protein.Young children rarely have body odour. The specialised glands in their armpits and genitals are not active until puberty.At puberty,the oil production by the skin in the armpits and genitals also increases

.Poor hygiene worsens the body odour,posing a big problem to the victim.Though most people will be able to recognize their body odour,some may not since they are accustomed to their own smell that they hardly notice it.

Some foods causes the body to release unpleasant smell.Foods with strong spices such as curry and garlic contain chemicals that may be excreted in the skin and produce an unpleasant smell.People with body odour must avoid foods rich in lecithin or choline or lysine such as soya,nuts and eggs.Limiting the intake of such foods and avoiding spicy foods may help.

Body odour is easily treated and a medical diagnosis may not be necessary.It may be controlled through the following ways:

i)Use antibacterial soap when taking shower.Remember to focus on the genitals and armpits and the areas around them.This is because about 85% of the body sweat is present in the armpits and genital areas.
ii)Use deodorant.After the bath,consider using deodorant atleast once a day.This will keep the body fresh through the day.

iii)Apply antifungal powder on feet.Feet should be washed regularly,dried thoroughly and treated with antifungal powder if necessary.

iv)Avoid closed sweaty shoes and wear fresh cotton socks.Alternatively,keep feet bare in sandals as often as possible,to allow for proper aeration.

v)Wear cotton clothes,especially cotton undergarments.Cotton allows the skin to breathe freely.Avoid synthetic fabrics like polyester since they trap sweat.Trapped sweat makes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

vi)Change your clothes daily and avoid tight fitting clothes and shoes.Tight fitting clothes increases the likelihood of excess perspiration and body odour.

vii)Reduce your coffee and tea intake.Caffeine stimulates the autonomic nervous system,which regulates sweating.Just limit yourself to about two cups of coffee a day.

viii)Avoid alcohol.Alcohol increases perspiration and hence body odour,by dilating blood vessels.Much sweat is produced when the blood vessels are dilated.

ix)Wash your clothes at a higher temperature and dry them as quickly as possible.Bacteria usually survive in damp clothing and produce an unpleasant smell.

x)Know how perspiration products work.After puberty,using an antiperspirant can help to reduce sweating.The antiperspirants stop the sweat from leaving the skin by blocking the pores while deodorants destroy the bacteria when sweat leaves the body.

xi)Baking soda used as powder also absorbs chemicals,which in turn removes body odour.
xii)You may also try boiling mint leaves and mix the water with your bath water. Concentrate on your armpits and genital areas.

xiii)Consider drinking a lot of water.Drinking plenty of water will also ensure that you smell fresh.
xiv)You may finally consult the doctor.For severe sweating and body odour,the doctor may recommend for injection of botulinum toxin in to the skin near the armpits,the removal of some sweat glands from the armpit,or destroying the nerves that control armpit sweating.

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