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Benefits of Physical Education and Sports in Schools


Date Posted: 2/16/2018 1:40:52 PM

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Benefits of Physical Education and Sports in Schools

Sports is viewed as an universal language that bring people together no matter their origin , background , religious beliefs or economic status. When young people participate in sports or have access to physical education they experience real exhilaration even as they learn the ideals of team work and tolerance. According to united nation, sports is a bridge to resolve difficulties in culture and conflicts. Sport is best in school life and it offers values to younger generation. Physical education on the other hand teaches youth not merely about sport but how to use sport to promote mutual understanding ,well being and friendship.

Sports and physical education bring about national and international benefits,sports competitions are known to promote understanding and respect for cultural diversity ,foster international partnership and increase greater awareness of global issues such as human rights, role of women in the society and drug prevention. Sports also create a deeper sense of national pride.

Physical education enhances body health, quality life and a sense of well being . In schools physical education and sports provide a venue for learners to be active and learn necessary skills, knowledge and attitude that leads to physically active lifestyles.

Physical education and sports helps to improve the wholesome development of an individual the physical, intellectual , emotional and social aspect of an individual. It is important for learners to participate in wide variety of physical education activities to improve their physical power as well as improvement in their academic potential.

Physical education and sports bring about physical benefits such as : Improved physical appearance ,improve body postures, leads to physical fitness which enables individual s

to participate in various activities and exercises without getting exhausted quickly.

Physical education and competitive sports helps build character. The games in physical education have competitive experience and modified rules and regulation which learners are expected to participate in and adhere to, hence building individual character to respect rules and regulations and existing authority.

Emotional benefits - during physical education activities emotions of individuals are involved ,learners enjoy participating in physical activities .Groups competitions help teach discipline of accepting defeat and celebrating win .Dealing with such success and failure provides learners with opportunity to develop self discovery and sense of achievement ,actualization and freedom.

Career development –physical education is being offered as a course in higher institution in Kenya like Kenyatta university. Career associated with physical education include: fitness managers , sports officials ,coaches of various sports ,sport journalism and sport marketing.

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