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Cultivating good eating habits


Date Posted: 1/12/2018 5:47:29 AM

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Exercising good eating habits can be described as those healthy diet intake routines that one can develop in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. Good eating habits start with going back to the ancient foods. Those foods that we abandoned when we were misled that they are outdated. Yes, those foods that were replaced by fast and refined foods. The same ones that used to be eaten by our fore fathers, causing them to live for many years and making them not to experience the many terminal diseases that we experience today. Research has clearly shown that good eating habits was their secret.
Good eating habits should be driven by two measures. These are:
- Preventive measures

- Curative measures

When we talk of preventive measures, we are talking about exercising good eating habits so as not suffer from the life style diseases that have become a problem in our society. And as we all know that prevention is better than cure
Here we are talking about the good eating habits that most of the time are recommended by a doctor after a diagnosis is made. Most of the time, the foods recommended go together with the prescribed drugs.
Remember the food that we eat affects us in two ways; they will either be beneficial or destructive. We should eat three main meals a day and take in snacks in between. These include breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day. As the name suggests, it is the meal that breaks a fast. Remember the body has rested well and digested all the food from the previous day and now here comes a new day. The meal taken should be rich in all the three classes of foods namely proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins. Avoid foods like mandazis,

bread and margarine; this is because, they are not only refined foods but they are also unhealthy in the following ways. The oil used for deep flying mandazis are used over and over again making them poisonous to the body, there is also a trend of using the fuel used for transformers which are very dangerous to the human body. On the other hand bread is not heavy enough because it is refined. The margarine we usually spread on the bread is not healthy at all and they should be avoided entirely. Reason being that they contain the unhealthy cholesterol we keep being told to stay away from.

Lunch is the second main meal of the day. Although it is not as critical as breakfast, it is also very important. It is not a wise thing to skip lunch as many people have a habit of doing. During the day one is usually quite active and the breakfast which was taken is no longer in the body. It is now time to put in some more energy so as to keep the body moving. It is just like refueling a car. Lunch should also contain all the three classes of foods meaning that it should be balanced. If one is overweight and wants to shed some weight, they should drink water first so as not to eat a lot. But if one is having normal weight, water should be taken, not together with the meals but thirty minutes after eating. That way it will not interfere with the food processing in the body but assist the body in that process. It goes without saying that the same case applies if the water is taken before meals, it should be taken thirty minutes before eating.

Dinner should be the lightest meal of the day and it should be taken early, about three to four hours before retiring to bed. It should also be balanced. You will find that if you eat dinner early and lightly, you will sleep well and wake up refreshed.

-When cooking any meal, avoid using a lot of oil. Although we need fat in our bodies, a lot of it is harmful to our bodies. Use liquid oils but it is good to note that not all liquid oils are safe. Vegetable oils and sunflower oils are the best. Avoid those oils that are liquid but solidify after some time.
-Doctors recommend that we drink at least eight glasses of water a day. But it should not be drank at once but it should be distributed throughout the day
-Eat a balanced diet to avoid taking in empty calories, eating for the sake of getting full and not getting any nutrients out of it.
-Be hygienic. Hygiene is next to godliness, so they say. This will keep you from unnecessary visits to the doctor.
-Avoid taking in a lot of salt. Excess salt is not good for your body, more so uncooked salt.
-Eat a lot of vegetables and avoid red meat. In fact half of our plates should be filled with vegetables; the other two quarters should be filled with proteins and starch.
-Avoid quick fixes, for example when planning to lose weight. Do it the right way and avoid short cuts. Remember no pain no gain.
-Go for checkups regularly. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine. It is good to deal with a problem before it becomes enormous.
-Get sunlight. It is free but very important to our bodies
-Do exercise. It will keep you fit
-Take a rest. Our bodies are like a car engine. They need rest every now and then.
-Sleep early, wake up early. Research has shown that our bodies grow and repair themselves between 10pm and 3am. Men should make sure that they sleep for 7 hours and women 8 hours. But make sure to make a habit of waking up early and avoid oversleeping. This way you will find that your days will be more productive.

Remember you are what you eat, never be misled about that. And life is only one; it even doesn’t have a rehearsal. If we practice good eating habits we are taking care of ourselves at present and in the future.

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