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Tips for improving brain memory and concentration


Date Posted: 6/30/2017 5:06:25 AM

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Apart from the heart,kidney and lungs, brain is another vital organ in the body. It is the part of the body that controls all the activities of the other parts.It controls body movement,balance and posture;controls the sense of hearing,touch,sight,taste and smell;it controls pleasure and desire;controls osmoregulation and other biological processes in the body,among other functions .Through study,science has proved that brains are ever changing. We can modify our existence and become much smarter and healthier by choosing the best ways of shaping our thoughts ,ideas,feelings and experiences.There are many ways through which one can improve memory and hence concentration.The following are some of the techniques to improve memory and concentration :

Technique 1:Eat well.
Eat a well balanced diet to provide your brain with the right amounts of all the necessary nutrients.Make sure to avoid sugary foods as well as processed foods.Instead go for whole foods like green leafy vegetables ,fruits,whole grain and nuts.The foods should contain the nutrients proportions necessary to make a meal complete for the appropriate diet,that is,a balanced one.Proteins will enhance growth of brain cells and repair of the brain's worn-out tissues.Carbohydrates will boast the brain's energy.Other foods necessary for brain memory concentration includes coffee which improves alertness and helps you stay focused;olive oils which contain good fats as well as anti-oxidants;almonds that contain phenylalanine and riboflavin that can improve your neurological health and memory concentration respectively.

Technique 2:Have enough exercise.
Exercising is a very important technique in improving brain concentration .It improves proper blood flow in to your brain.You can exercise by jumping a rope,jogging,playing football,riding a bicycle,doing press ups,taking a swim or simply walking a reasonably longer distance.All these forms of exercises make your heart pump regularly and in an appropriate rhythmic beats,hence pumping blood to other body parts at the necessary speed.This ensures that the supply of

oxygen and nutrients to the brain is adequate,hence aiding in the brain memory and concentration .

Technique 3:Sleep enough.
Sleep for at least 7 hours per night.Enough sleep will boost your moods and brain performance considerably.Sleep enables one to regain the brain energy consumed during the day while performing various tasks which all require sober minds,appropriate thinking to carry out sound judgement. Having a well-rested and well-fed brain is the foundation of all other activities carried out during the day.Consider taking appropriate proportions of sleep to stay sober and alert.In addition,enough sleep relieves stress.Whenever one's mind is stress free,the brain's performance and concentration is thus high.

Technique 4:Play brain games.
These are games that when played,they exercise your memory,verbal skills,attention and problem-solving tactics,among others.Playing droughs and chess improve brain performance and concentration ,since one has to make a proper judgement before making any move.Tongue twisters increases verbal skills,and this means brain is being trained in improving its grasping power.Filling crosswords and puzzles will also improve your brain performance,since one has to think and make a proper decision before arriving to an answer.

Technique 5:Listen to music.
Music plays a very important role in boasting brain's performance and memory.Music not only helps in relieving stress,but also improves memorability.One can verbalise the words in the music,and this requires memorising the words.By so doing,the brain's power of memory is improved.

Technique 6:Learn a new language.
Learning a new language is great mental exercise and can be very useful for work,travel and making friends.The sensitive period of learning a new language may be well past you.You may most likely never be able to make or hear all the sounds necessary for fluency,but never worry about that.Just try to learn that new language because it will boast your memorability ,the power to grasp new terms and understand them.

Technique 7:Find a new hobby.
Picking up a new hobby or learning a new craft has many benefits.Almost any new activity you pick up will provide you with meaningful challenge and stimulation,which will improve your brain health.Learn how to weave a basket,draw an image,among other activities.Such activities will boast your brain's performance and concentration .

Technique 8:Write.
Involve in some writing activities.Write an article about anything.By so doing,you are involving your brain in thorough thinking about what to write.Writing can really boast your brain's power of thinking and memorising .

Technique 9:Medidate.
Meditating is actually thinking deeply over a subject.Meditation has a profound effect on the mind and the power to transform the physical structure of the brain.This technique greatly improves problem solving skills.

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