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Health counsels: aromatherapy for improvement of physical and psychological health


Date Posted: 11/16/2017 1:04:20 AM

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Aromatherapy is the use of therapeutic oils extracted from plant parts to combat various physiological and psychological ailments. It is a less conventional method of treatment of various conditions, but has over time been proven to be highly effective. It involves director inhalation of oils, application of the oils onto the skin and a few other techniques used in the utilization of the aroma from the oils. The fragrance from the various plants possesses medicinal properties. A whiff of those scents can bring great relief to your body system. Below are some common essential oils that can be used in aromatherapy:

a) Lemon- it is widely known for its healing properties. The age-old medicinal plant has the following effects when inhaled or directly applied onto the skin:
-Induces sleep and combats insomnia
Its fragrance helps calm the mind and diminish lack of sleep.
-Antidepressant- it has the ability to fight stress and treat stress-related disorders.
-Detoxification-lemon has long been known for its cleansing properties and is used in the manufacture of cleansing agents. It rids the body of harmful toxins.
-Immunity booster- it increases the body's ability to fight disease-causing microorganisms.
-Mood enhancer-ever been in those moods when you feel ready to set the world on fire? A whiff of the pleasant fragrance of lemon would greatly boost your moods.

b) Cinnamon- It has long been used as a spice, aromatic condiment and medicinal substance in various capacities. It benefits the body system in the following ways:
- Improves circulation- cinnamon possesses the ability to significantly improve blood flow in the circulatory system. It is said to expand blood vessels.
-Analgesic- It has pain-relieving properties. It calmly impacts the nervous system and therefore is used to achieve relieve from pain.
-Stabilization of blood sugar level- it is known to significantly lower or raise blood sugar to the required levels.
-Elimination of

odours- when diffused into the air, its fragrance helps to get rid of unpleasant odours.
c) Almonds- it is an edible tree nut that possesses several healing properties. It is therefore widely cultivated and used for the following medicinal purposes:
-Nourishment of the skin- Almond is commonly used in various oils because of its ability to be easily absorbed into the skin.
-Improvement of brain activity- it is known to greatly improve cognitive properties by stimulating brain activity at various levels.
- Boosts memory- memory loss is a condition caused by several factors,and almond oil has a significant effect on the improvement of memory.
d) Roses- rosemary is commonly cultivated because of its beautiful pink flowers that give out a pleasant scent. It is medicinal in various capacities:
- Antidepressant- inhaling the natural rose scent or its oil helps to relax the mind and reduce stress symptoms.
-Antiseptic- it also kills various microorganisms that significantly cause diseases such as bacteria and fungi.
e) Peppermint- It is a hybrid plant widely cultivated for its various medicinal uses through oral, topical and aromatic means of application. Below are some of the uses of peppermint oil:
-Possesses anti-microbial properties. It has the ability to combat various microbes and is thus useful in prevention of diseases caused by micro-organisms.
-Stress relieving- it can also be used to fight stress and other stress-related symptoms.
-Treatment of various skin conditions

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