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Tips To Academic Excellence in High School


Date Posted: 5/15/2018 7:21:29 AM

Posted By: HOSEA KIPYEGON  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 197

Success is what every single student yearns for. Getting a quality grade is, of course, a preamble of a gleaming future and that is what all students hope for. Sometimes, passing in high school can be a challenge considering the ups and downs that students face in the course of their learning process. This situations calls for extraordinary undertakings if at all one is to make it successfully. With sheer will, passion and ultimate commitment,one is certain to reap remarkable results in the long run. Here are some steps that can elevate one's academic performance if put into action.

Schedule your time well. Surely, this minimizes wastage. It is sad to note that plenty of students fail because they do not schedule their time well. A smart student knows that every single minute counts. Be certain to broaden your academic horizons every minute, every hour and every day.

Make decent notes. Sometimes it is worthwhile to go an extra mile and make some neat notes ahead of your teacher. This will not only give you a hint on new topics and concepts but it will also expand your thinking. It beefs up your knowledge on the new concepts while equally ensuring a long lasting memory. It builds confidence in you and you begin to absorb new content more readily and easily.

Revise using questions and past papers. Find questions on topics already covered and tirelessly try to answer them. Revision by use of questions and past papers is an ultimate road to academic success! Familiarize yourself with ways in which exams in Kenya are set. You will be glad to realize that a good percentage of the questions you handle will be repeated in your exams.

Research well on those questions that seem to pose challenges to your understanding. By so doing, you will reach into those areas you would not have read. This automatically scales you to in depth reading and consequently lands you right at the top.

Engage yourself in active, worthwhile and fulfilling discussion groups. You probably must have heard that you need other people to boost you in your life journey. Sometimes you will not make it alone regardless of the precious energy, time and resources you invest in your endeavors. You simply need other people because there is a lot they know that you do not know. You really need someone to challenge you. Yes. Teamwork is yet another step up the ladder. Exchanging ideas with friends is of paramount significance to your academic journey. So do not shun discussion groups. Cherish them. Through them, you learn new things from colleagues . You are challenged to study even more because you are now aware that some people know more than you know. This thrust you to greater heights. This is the essence of active engagement in discussion groups. It is a platform where accurate and researched solutions are sought to problems.

One other key thing is active concentration and participation in class. Absorb whatever your teacher has to say and do not let anything go. High fliers pay close attention in class. Be one! Try as much as possible to avoid any possible distraction during class lessons. Do this in all subjects. With active concentration in class I doubt if you will fail to answer whatever question that confronts you.

Lastly, as they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. You are human and you obviously get bored. Break that monotony. Go out for those small breaks given in school. Be an active partaker in those agglomerations of activities and games out there. It could be athletics, soccer, volleyball, hockey...just to mention a few. They keep you fit, healthy and refreshed. This makes you very prepared for another study.

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