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More Should be Done to Protect and Preserve Endangered Animals


Date Posted: 1/28/2019 6:18:41 AM

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The modern world technology has revolutionized the manner in which we carry out specific tasks. Technological advancement has seen explorations go beyond the earth and into space and the sea. Where hasn't man explored? There still is anyway. In fact, what has been done is just part of it. Much is yet to be discovered even within our own planet. Hopefully, we will soon have answers to the myriads of questions that often criss-cross our minds.

The ancient world. The world of dinosaurs and their species. But wait... Dinosaurs. Have you ever taken time and thought of such a name? Do you even bother to know the pronunciation of the word itself? What about the nature of that creature? Did you even know it is a creature? Well, we are not just talking about the dinosaur but the endangered animals in general. The dinosaur itself is an extinct animal. Extinct simply means that the animal no longer exists but only in tales, movies and probably cartoons.

Scientific evidence has proven the existence of these reptiles to be millions of years ago. Millions of years ago is what prompts me to write on the need to protect and preserve endangered species of animals, wild and domestic alike. Climatic changes may have resulted to these reptiles mumbling the song of eternal disappearance. Some researchers suggest that the animal's body size was enormous while the brain too small to effectively coordinate the entire body system which led to it being entitled, "Missing In Action". While that could be true, other studies suggest that the animals could have been hunted down and exterminated by humans during the ancient times. Bible scholars would argue and say that probably the creatures were washed away along with the wicked generation during the massive flood in the times of


Whatever the reason, it remains our role and obligation as humans to take care of the animals we have around. It is our mandate. Human beings are and still remain the greatest threat to the survival of endangered species of animals. This occurs through various causes such as poaching, habitat destruction and the effects of climate change just to name a few.

Animals are classified into various classes such as: Mammalia, Reptilia, Birds/Aves, Amphibia and Fish/Pisces. All these classes have numerous species of animals. Some have survived the tough times, seasons and climatic changes while adapting to change while others have not survived the tide over time. However, increased human activity has put most of them at risk both directly and indirectly. If this matter is not dealt with in depth and safety measures taken, we will soon remain with nothing but stories to tell to our future generations. I would really have loved to see how a live dinosaur looks like. Wouldn't you?

That points to the fact that the environment or world we have today is what we received from those who left it to us. Our ancestors left behind a world full of beautiful animals. However, some of them no longer exist while others are on the verge of disappearing. What will we hand over to the future generations? Let us take time and think about our posterity.

Therefore, a clarion call is made once again. More should be done to protect and preserve endangered animals. Some of the endangered animals include: the elephants, rhino, tiger, mountain gorillas, the orangutan, to name but a few.

As mentioned earlier, these animals are endangered by certain factors, most of which are human initiated.

1. Climate change
Climate change has been a major cause of threat not only to animals but also to human beings. As a result of global warming, snow peaked mountains have seen their ice melt. This molten ice flows as water and is channeled into rivers that have their catchments in the mountains and into the massive water masses such as sea and ocean. This has seen most animals that survive in these mountains lose their habitats. In addition, the polar bears in the polar regions are vulnerable due to this trend in climatic change. Cool climate in other places where animals are used to hot climate also affects those animals.
To curb the issue of climate change, it will be better if we embrace the use of alternative sources of energy such as solar, wind, geothermal, biomass energy as well as wave/ tidal energy in place of the carbon emissive forms of energy, which are a major cause of the global warming menace.

2. Habitat destruction to create land for settlement and farming
Due to the increased human population, human encroachment into animal territory has been on the rise. Actually, this is known to be a major cause of modern extinctions. Animal habitat such as forests have been cleared to create land for both farming and settlement. This has endangered most animals within those affected habitats since they are forced to find other places different from their initial comfortable habitats.
It is therefore vital that laws are enacted to govern the encroachment of men into animal habitat. Those found stretching their limits into animal territory should be apprehended and sued so as to serve as a warning to all who in the process destroy forests.

3. Pollution
Pollution has several aspects such as: Water pollution, air pollution and land pollution. Humans here are solely responsible. Many industries have been established which release their waste materials by channeling them into rivers. These rivers drain into lakes and oceans hence endangering aquatic animals and other small organisms. We are destroying the aquatic world. Not only that. Our own world is affected. Harmful gas emissions from these industries pollute the air. As a result, most birds die while other animals experience respiratory problems apart from the humans themselves. Harmful chemicals are also released over the land which affects most land animals.
To help preserve and protect these animals, proper waste disposal methods should be put in place.

As we think of making the world a better place for us, let us also remember that the animals are part of us. Be keen on conserving the environment and taking care of animals, most of which are endangered.

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