9 things to remember in order to live a positive life.


Date Posted: 1/29/2019 2:51:15 AM

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What is a positive life? A positive is a life that you live while putting all your focus on the brighter side of life rather than on its dark parts. Life is just like an ocean. There are times when waves are moving back and forth with a lot of intensity causing disturbances in the ocean and there are times when it is so calm and people can swim without fearing the disturbances from waves. In life, there are times when you will face a lot of disturbances due to the struggles we undergo and other times, life will just be calm and you will be enjoying it. In both cases, one should remain positive. Why? Because a positive life produces success why negativity brings about failure and regrets.

Who wants to fail in life? Who wants their last breath to come when they have never tested the joy of living a positive life? I believe no one does and so if you want success then a positive life is a better option for you. A positive life is easy to build. It only requires your time and consistency. So when do you build this positive life? You have to do it during those times when life is calm and you do not have any problems that make you feel negative. I believe that this is the best time so that when problems and negativity creeps in, you will have already build a positive attitude inside you that will make you strong enough to go through the struggle with ease. My advice here is, whenever you are stable in life and have no worries, use that time to build a positive self so that you can conquer the storm when it comes. So what are these things to remember in

order to live a positive life. I will be discussing nine things that I have done personally and I have succeeded in living a tremendously positive life.

1. Self love is not selfish.

The first thing to always have in your mind is that self love is not selfish. Let no one prevent you from loving yourself with a claim that you are being selfish. After all, how will you know how to love others if you don't love yourself and how will others love you if you don't love yourself? So how does self love promote living a positive life? When you love yourself, a lot of things happen. You become more confident in what you do, you forgive yourself faster and mend your mistakes, you do not entertain criticism and you become your own best friend hence you do not give up even when the whole world is giving up on you. Here are some tips to use in order to build a strong and stable self esteem.
1. Never feel sorry for yourself.
2. Do not compare your self with others.
3. Live in the present and bury the past.
4. Do not over think or overanalyze situations while trying to predict an unknown future.
5. Be your own best friend that forgives yourself, takes care of your health and happiness.
6. Give more to the world with love, kindness, generosity and compassion. Trust me you will feel good about yourself when you do this.

2. The past is to be buried.

The second thing to remember in order to live a positive life is that the past us gone and it should be buried. I came across this quote on Facebook and I like how it uses the illustration of a river in order to provide tangible advice that needs your attention. "Rivers never go reverse. So try to live like a river. Forget your past and focus on your future. Always be positive." Sometimes we find ourselves so caught up in our own past. We try to change it forgetting that the more we live in it while trying to change it, the more we get stuck there and fail to focus on the present and the future. So have in mind that the past is to be buried. Stop feeling sorry for yourself for the way you acted, the way you made people think of you, how you missed an opportunity in life or the many mistakes you did. Just learn a valuable lesson from the past and use it to mould your present so that your future can be more defined and better.

3. Kindness, generosity and compassion costs zero shillings.

Kindness, generosity and compassion are three virtues that are closely related and they cost absolutely nothing. Kindness entails being gentle, forgiving and benevolent towards our fellow human beings. Generosity is that willingness to give even more than what was expected of you. Compassion is being empathetic of ones situation and having the wish that you can help any way you can to relieve it. Whenever you have these three virtues, then be sure that you will live a positive life. This is because after doing these good deeds, you will feel a lot better and happy for yourself. You will also have changed the world and make it look like a better place to others. So from now on, always be ready to be kind, compassionate and generous. It does not have to be monetary always, there are some small things that you can do and still show this virtues. You can just provide simple help like holding the elevator for someone to enter, helping a blind man cross the road or just listening to one as they talk about the troubles they are going through in life. Always remember the saying, "what goes around comes back around." You get back what you give to people, so make sure you are kind, generous and compassionate and in turn, you will live a positive life.

4. Forgiveness means setting yourself free.

Yes, I said it. Forgiveness means you are setting yourself free. Many times as human beings, we hold on to grudges and refuse to forgive others because we are letting them get away with their bad deeds. That is not the case. Whenever we refuse to forgive, we are hurting ourselves and not them. We are the ones who will be hurting with rage when we think of what they did to us. Therefore, forgiving them will set us free from that unhealthy rage. Forgiveness does not mean that you agree with what they did to you, it means that you are letting it go so that it does not continue hurting you. So as much as you think that forgiving them is letting them get away with it, that is not totally the case. It is you that you are setting free. When you are free of all those pains and hurt they caused, then you are good to live a happy and positive life. Therefore, let us learn to forgive as it sets us free from anger and negativity in life and towards people.

5. Patience pays.

This is a very old saying but many have proven that it is absolutely true. "Patience pays." When building a positive life, you will require a lot of patience. It is just the same as trying to move on from a heartbreak or when grieving the death of a loved one, it does not happen overnight. You will have to go through a lot of hurting, crying and anger before healing. The same way, in order to build a positive life, you will have to go through a series of changes in your lifestyle. Some of this changes will include;
1. Seeking a lot of motivation from people, books and articles.
2. Knowing that instinct that drives you to think and act negatively and learning to disobey it.
3. Letting go of bad habits and negative people in our lives.
Many times you might make mistakes on the way but you have to be gentle on yourself and learn how to correct the mistake before moving on. All this does not happen overnight, not even a week, so be ready to put on alot of patience. You will at last reach a point in your life when you are always positive and many people who know you will associate you with positivity. That does not mean you have reached the end of doing this things that made you a positive person. Remember you will need to remain positive and so continue doing them so as to stay steady.

6. Life is short, have fun.

Yes, have fun. Do not be an all time serious person. Laugh with people, go out with friends, smile at a total stranger, do your hobbies during your free time and learn to take and give jokes without getting offended. I do believe that a fun loving spirit attracts a positive mindset. It is a mind that is open to and ready to discuss anything with people, take and gives jokes while genuinely having a good laugh. Remember that laughter is one thing that triggers the production of the feel good hormones, endorphins in our bodies. They are very essential in making you stay positive. This way, you will approach life in a positive dimension rather than in a negative way. Therefore, whenever you get some free time, use it to have fun while doing what you love. You can also have fun by just sitting and laughing with family and friends. Do not use alcohol or smoking as a way to have fun, you will only be adding negativity and subtracting positivity from your life.

7. Motivation is what gets you started and character is what keeps you going.

Getting started is usually a hard step to take but once you do so, you are guaranteed of finishing what you have started. Motivation is so essential in getting you started. It gives you the confidence you need. I know many people do not like motivation, especially us in this young generation. I was in a high school where students used to hate having motivational speakers around. They would stand on the podium and 'preach' about life while we just watched in gaze, the serious students used to take notes, other just dozed off from the word go whole the back bencher mummered rudely. Then, we used to think that it was a waste of time as we will just figure out how to live this life on our own. Funny how we could clap so hard when the speaker was done, you would think we really enjoyed the session while in real sense, we were clapping because the session was over. As I grow up, I realise that the motivation was really helpful. It makes you have a positive mindset that you will achieve something. You can get motivation from reading self help books and articles, listening to a speaker physically or though a tape and doing deeds that improve how you perceive life. I usually read motivational books and articles in the morning so that it can keep me motivated throughout the day. You should also try this, it helps a lot. When you make motivation a regular habit, it becomes your character. You will be termed as a motivated person. This is so essential for living a positive life.

8. Physical exercise is essential for all growth.

Physical exercise helps a lot in ones growth and development. Research has proven that it helps reduce the risk of many diseases. Your body's well being is essential in keeping you positive always. Sickness brings about a lot of negativity in life and the fear of the outcome of the disease like death which is not so good for a positive life. Therefore, it is so essential to exercise regularly in order to build a positive life.

Physical activity also aids in brain development. When you do any form of exercise, your body releases a plethora of hormones which are essential in providing nourishment for the growth of brain cells. Also, it increases the heart rate which in turn pumps more oxygen to the brain. Moreover, physical exercise causes the body to release feel good chemicals known as endorphins. These chemicals functions through interaction with receptors in your brain that reduces your perception to any kind of pain, be it physical or emotional. Endorphins are also associated with triggering positive feelings in the body. Therefore, add physical exercise to your daily schedule if you want to live a positive life.

9. Your health is your wealth and source of happiness.

Yes, a good health is one of the basic needs that you need to live a happy and positive life. It will be worth anything for you to have a lot of material wealth but end up dying because you forgot to take good care of your health while searching for wealth. Therefore, as you work hard to earn a living, please remember to take of your health. You don't have to work in that work condition that causes you to have serious health issues just because you will earn so much money from doing that. So what are the things to do in order to attain a healthy life? Looking at the definition of health by WHO. "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." WHO must have realised that people focus a lot in preventing diseases and impairment and forget that your mental and social well being are also part of your health. Therefore, in order to live a healthy life;
1. Eat a healthy diet.
2. Do regular exercise.
3. Avoid stress and see a therapist whenever you have mental and emotional issues.
4. Have a good relationship with those people you associate with so as to stay socially healthy.
A healthy person, as I said earlier is more likely to live a positive life.

With all this written, I encourage us to follow each of this tips in order to live a positive life. I an also in the process of learning this and I understand that it is not easy but I am sure that it is very possible. I am a person who has gone through a roller coaster of negativity in life and a very low self esteem. I use to listen to that instinctive negative thought and a lead to acting wrongly and I would obey it. It is only when I learnt that I can disobey that instinct and do things right that I learnt to live a positive life. Since then, I have been on a journey towards a positive life by doing the nine things I have mentioned and it has been working so well. Try it too if you are facing a negative life and low self esteem. I promise you the results will be incredible.

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