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Why gossip is sweet and bitter at the same time


Date Posted: 10/24/2012 11:29:37 AM

Posted By: Brendah Aroko  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 3317

I find it amusing how people contribute their opinions openly and without having to be forced when talking about someone else but when they are being discussed, all hell breaks loose. They say that only women and ladies gossip but i doubt that because i have seen men who gossip even more than ladies. Do you agree with me on that?No one can resist the temptation of talking ill about someone they hate or even someone they are envious of.
There are some friends of mine who say that they gossip because they are certain that someone somewhere is also talking about them. When we try to find the reason behind gossip it seems impossible because you can't really explain the urge but it actually feels good to talk about someone in their absence.

What i find stupid though is when two people who were once very close and confided in each other turn their backs and start spreading malicious allegations against their former friends. This habit is so annoying because first of all, you both have something against each other meaning that you will not stop until every dirt has been exposed. It is also sad because some issues are better kept secret and when you start talking about them to the general public it ends up ruining your image as well as your reputation.

I believe that it is very easy to stop the habit though. Try and find mature and trustworthy friends who you know are not quick to anger and who are not likely to talk ill about anyone or any situation for that matter. If however you hang around people who cannot share any meaningful information with you but will instead fill you on on what happens elsewhere then you cannot resist the temptation.The effects of gossip are

so extreme and several relationships have been broken due to the tendency of discussing your spouse with your friends in his or her absence.I believe the root cause of most divorces started out as a rumor then your friends spread it and by the time it reaches you, it is a reality and no longer a speculation. Most allegations are usually false but some people will strive to spread them because they are envious of you and they want to mess you so that you end up being as desperate as they are.

What i would urge women who are gossip addicts is to however do it in the absence of their children to prevent them from adopting this bad habit. Another friend of mine who happens to be a guy once told me that he gossips so much because his mother used to work in a hair salon and as we all know the women who work in salons are very good at gossiping. He said that it led to him being a gossip monger too.I don't know whether it is true but i believed him to some extent.

Ladies let us try to be good people. Don't start a fire that you cannot stop. It is not good to be envious and jealous just appreciate everyone the way they are and be satisfied with yourself as well. This I think will end the leprosy called gossip.

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