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How to deal with a demanding career


Date Posted: 12/18/2012 1:45:57 AM

Posted By: fly1234  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 15

It's easier said than done. Perhaps this statement sounds familiar to you as much as it does to me. Yes, this has something to do with saying a thing that seems very easy but actually very hard to do. People are used to it regardless of the impact on another person. This holds true when you are attached to a demanding career and sometimes other people will simply tell you that if they were you, they would really handle the situation in a nutshell.

Well at least according to them, that may be the case. Frankly speaking, dealing with a demanding career is not a walk in the park because it can really affect you not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. It consumes much of your time that sometimes you no longer have time for your family, friends or even to yourself for that matter. But if only there was a way to deal with it, you could positively get along with it.

Somebody once said there are many ways to kill a "rat" or is it a "cat". The same way, there are many ways on how to handle a demanding career. It's only a matter of how well you will execute the procedure to ascertain that you are on the right track of overcoming the stress caused by such a demanding career. The following are three steps that will help you get along with such a career.

1 Find someone to talk to.
Don't keep it to yourself. If you are already stressed with the high demands for performance and unrealistic expectations of your manager, don't let it kill you. Too much stress will have an adverse effect to your health and will significantly reduce your productivity.

If you are suffering from work-related stress, you better seek the company of

somebody whom you can talk to, perhaps a colleague, a family member or a friend who will listen to your anguish. This is an excellent way of reducing the work-related stress you have. The advantage of this is that you will gain useful insights, suggestions, comments or solutions regarding your current problem that probably had not crossed your mind.

2 Write down your thoughts and goals.
If your job involves a lot of analytical thinking, this technique can be a great help to you. This will surely allow you to think beforehand so that you can come up with a solid idea for a particular situation or problem.
Having a written goal is also essential since this will serve as your ultimate guide for every step you take. With this written goal, you will be reminded whether you are still on the right track or you have already deviated from the expected standards. And when you feel stressed with your job, this written goal will be your source of strength to keep you on the go.

3 Prioritize and organize your tasks.
During the first few minutes of your work, make a quick list of the tasks assigned to you that must be completed within the day and do so in the order of their priority. Ensure that you take first the task that is of high importance. While there may be some unexpected tasks to be given to you during the day, just make sure that at the end of the day, you have completed the most important ones. That way, you will not accumulate your duties.

Prioritizing and organizing your tasks sounds easy, but i tell you that it requires mastery over such assignments. Most importantly, you need to understand the nature of your tasks and how these will be completed the right way. These factors will be considered in prioritizing the tasks and once you're done with it, you can now proceed with organizing these tasks so that everything will fall into place.

Sometimes, a demanding career may maim one's growth. Why? The reason is simple. Since you already have a huge pile-up with your current tasks, you may not be in a position to proceed to another task because there's much you haven't accomplished. Let me give you a piece of advice though, never let your career caused you unnecessary stress but learn to deal with it and conquer it. No matter how demanding your career is, just shrug it off, smile, and continue working with a positive outlook as if nothing was wrong- after all, you chose it yourself, why complain?

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