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Personality traits that are often over-looked by some employers


Date Posted: 12/17/2012 6:36:08 AM

Posted By: fly1234  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 15

Conducting interviews can be a daunting task and also a time consuming process for companies and their managers. The amount of effort and resources spent on recruitment, interviewing and training is often significant. Hiring the right person for the right job is one way that a company can save it's resources and invest them in something else. Today, many businesses have resorted to using recruitment firms that require a flat fee recruitment fee. But even with these services, the final recruitment decision is up to the employer. It is therefore important for an employer to spend few hours with a candidate to see if they really possess the desired personality traits. If yes, the employer can go ahead and hire them.

Firstly, candidates need to demonstrate professionalism. No employer wants to hire an employee who is a risk to them. Employees who don't follow company rules and regulations put the company at risk of complaints from customers or clients. Issues such as sexual harassment or other inappropriate behavior may arise. Professionalism also covers areas such as attendance, personal hygiene as well as how employees talk or behave in the work environment. The employee should depict themselves as persons who are professional in their day to day job role.

Following up on professionalism, an employee must adopt honesty and integrity. If an employer cannot trust an employee, lots of time are wasted in supervising that person's actions.This pulls away from other duties that the supervisor has to carry out and from the other employees that they supervise. A company must therefore feel confident about their employees knowing that they are reliable and honest people. This personality trait can help especially when solving issues at the work place such as theft, or professional espionage being investigated. Employees should be honest even outside their professional


Because people are people and not machines, having a professional relationship at the work place means that employees will feel free to approach the person in charge in a professional way, should there be trouble. Honesty and trustworthiness are therefore traits that employers find irresistible when it comes to building strong professional bonding.

The ability to learn quickly is also another trait employers are keen on. It really doesn't matter what other skills a candidate learnt in there previous job experience,but how quickly they picked them up is what matters. If you are an employer, ask what skills your prospective employee learned and how they did it. If, for instance, you are a company that uses lots of technology, you may want to gauge a candidate about how first they can learn a software, troubleshoot basic computer errors and bugs.

The final one is the ability to fit in socially. The ability to get along with everyone in the corporate culture is something employers should pay close attention to. No employer or manager wants to play referee at the work place when there is a fight or argument.

Even when you are certain that you have invested on the right recruitment agency with the brightest candidates who have great education and experience, it really boils down to the basic traits we've discussed. In fact you should emphasize to know WHO you are hiring to ensure that they have the right personality traits.

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