The role of Kenya's government in business (Kenya National Chamber of commerce and industry)


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Role of Kenya's Government in Business.
1. Maintenance of stable political and economic climate in which business can thrive.
2. Laws are used by government to promote competition.
3. Government protects consumers from unsafe products, false adverts, etc.
4. Government protects the environment by setting standards, anti-pollution practices and using fines.
5. Provides infrastructure that supports business activities.
6. Consumer protection.
7. Export compensation shares.
8. Security.
9. Import restriction.
10. Import quotas.

What's Kenya National Chamber of commerce and industry?

It's an organization coordinating the trading activities between the government, the businessmen and organization. It represents and looks at the interests of its members. Its members are the business community who register by paying a small registration fee.

The Kenya Chamber of Commerce and industry is affiliated to International Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Services offered by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
• It issues Certificate of Origin to confirm where goods are coming from.
• It provides information about its members or products handled by the members. This is done by publishing names and addresses of its members in its annual trade directory.
• It publishes trade journal about business and markets for use by its members and the general public.
• It discuss proposed trade registrations which the government on behalf of its members.
• It provides export information to its members.
• It acts as a medium of communication between other countries and its members.
• It protests its members from unfair competition.
• It organizes trade fairs and exhibitions for its members.
• It coordinates with the government to send trade delegates to attend trade fairs in other countries at which Kenya goods are displayed.

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