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Why aloe juice is good for goldfish ailments and diseases


Date Posted: 2/4/2013 11:39:05 AM

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Why aloe juice is good for goldfish ailments and diseases

Animals and especially the pets are immune to a variety of diseases that interfere with their peaceful environment. The goldfish are not an exception. Their ailments are not very common and they can be prevented if preventive measures are put in place.

Sluggish movements or when your goldfish starts looking unwell are key indications that your pet is being attacked by some diseases. Their most common ailments are constipation, and dropsy.

Most fish diseases are caused by poor quality of water, overfeeding or introducing infected or affected plants or fish into the tank. Goldfish is a fresh water fish and you can be sure that a salty environment is not conducive to them. However, their bodies needs small amount of salt for a good health.

The aloe vera is a very effective plant for medicinal purpose in fish ailments. It can both be used externally and internally. It is very rich in Amino acids, Lignin, Saponins, Fatty acids, Salicylic acid, Vitamin A, B, C AND E and more than 25 minerals.

The aloe has but not limited to the following benefits to the fish and especially the goldfish. It boosts appetite, improves disorders in digestion, heals the tissues that are damaged and helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

For treatment with aloe, you are advised to use water that is heavily oxygenated. Commercially prepared aloe juice can easily be obtained at a health food store. For those who grow the aloe plant, their leaves may be used but they must be Animals and especially the pets are immature enough and should have a width of between 2-3 inches. When you cut them from the mother plant, you again need to cut them in half length and put them in a sealed

container which should then be placed in a working refrigerator for just a few days whereby the aloe gel will liquefy and soften.

In order to ensure good health, one tablespoon of the juice is put in about 8 gallons of water. The aloe treatment in goldfish will help in repairing the scales and fins, melafix the burns and high temperature in water among others. You are sure to use the aloe bath to enhance and ensure healthy fins and scales, a healthy digestive system and avoiding the problem of constipation. If your goldfish is recovering from ammonia poisoning, the aloe juice is just the best for the same. You will need to treat the tank with the juice. You will require the juice to promote growth of slim coat of the fish as you reduce stress which will promote a healthy heal.

When you need to move fish from one pond or tank to another, more often than not, you are advised to bath them in an aloe juice prepared from the leaves. In most cases, you will find that this juice is the primary ingredient in very many products of an aquarium.
You are sure to treat your goldfish using the aloe juice.

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