Crop Production Notes for Diploma in General Agriculture Module 2

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Download diploma in general agriculture notes for crop production. The notes are properly prepared to make understanding easier for the students.

1. Maize 2.Wheat 3.Barley 4.Sorghum 5. Rice 6.Oats 7.Millet
1. Maize (Zea mays)
Maize was ?rst cultivated in America by the Indians. It was taken to Europe by Christopher Columbus. It has since spread to many parts of Africa and Asia. In Kenya it was ?rst introduced by the Portugese at the coast in the 15th Century.
Maize is the most important cereal crop in sub-Saharan Africa. It is a staple food for an estimated 50% of the population. It is an important source of carbohydrate, protein, iron, vitamin B, and minerals.
Since maize is adaptable to a whole range of climate conditions, it is the single most extensively grown crop. However, the chief growing areas are Trans Nzoia, Nakuru, Bungoma, and Uasin Gishu counties.

- Maize is a staple food in Kenya. The grains are ground to produce maize ?our and it is also consumed as a food grain. It may be consumed fresh, ground, boiled or mixed with other foods.
- The stalks, leaves, and other remains from the maize cobs are used to feed domestic animals especially dairy cattle.
- The stalks and cobs are used to provide domestic fuel particularly in the rural areas.
- They are also used as organic manure.
- The grains are used in manufacture of corn oil and animal feeds hence it is a vital raw material for industrialization.

Plant characteristics
-Maize is an annual crop which grows to a height of 1-4m depending on cultivar and environment.
-it has a single stem
-it has fibrous roots as well as prop roots which are produced during the period of rapid growth.
-the male and female flowers are borne on same plant but on separate inflorescence.
-the flowers the tassle are borne at the terminal end of the stem while female flower the ear are borne on the axil of the foliage at the mid of the stem
- Maize is mainly cross pollinated by wind.

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