Taxonomy Notes on Kingdom Animalia and Kingdom Plantae

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The tutorial contains detailed description of major taxonomic kingdoms,
1. Kingdom Animalia
2. Kingdom plantae
It also includes summarized taxonomic units under each kingdom, differential characteristics and relevant examples.
The tutorial provides adequate understanding ,relevancy and easy study atmosphere for both lectures and learners.


Kingdom Plantae

This kingdom comprises of plants.

General characteristics of plants
• Multicellular eukaryotes
• Photosynthetic nutrition
• Cells have cellulose cell wall, sap vacuole, plastids and several photosynthetic pigments including chlorophyll a.
• Have sexual & asexual reproduction
Divisions in kingdom plantae
a. Bryophyta
b. Filicinophyta
c. Coniferophyta
d. Angiospermatophyta
These are liverworts and mosses. They are the simplest land plants that evolved from algae. They are not well adapted to life on land thus found in damp places.

General characteristics
i. Have alternation of generations in which gametophyte (n) generation is dominant. The Plant body is a gametophyte.
ii. Body is a thallus or differentiated into simple leaves and stem.
iii. Sporophyte is attached to and is dependent on the gametophyte for nutrition
iv. Spores are produced by sporophyte in a spore capsule on the head of the end of a slender stalk above the gametophyte
v. They grow in damp, shady areas which are in between the aquatic and terrestrial habitats i.e. amphibious zone and hence known as amphibious plants.
vi. There are no true roots, stem or leaves. Rhizoids (root like structure) serve the function of roots
vii. No vascular tissue, ie. No xylem & phloem
viii. The plants are green and possess chloroplasts
NB: A thallus is a plant body that is not differentiated into stem and leaves and lacks true roots
and a vascular system

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