Form 4 geography land reclamation and rehabilitation revision questions and answers

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Land reclamation and rehabilitation revision questions and answers covering every part of the topic which will enable the learner to understand the topic much better and also be able to answer the questions on this topic without much difficulties .The learner will get a clear view of some examples of the questions testable in this topic.

1. (a)Differentiate between land reclamation and land rehabilitation
Land reclamation is the process of converting less productive land into a more productive state while land rehabilitation is the process of restoring degraded land back to its useful state.
(b)Name the method of irrigation used in perkerra irrigation scheme. Furrow irrigation
(c) State 3 factors that influenced the location of the perkerra irrigation scheme.
? Presence of fertile alluvial soils good for the growth of variety of crops.
? The area was sparsely populated.
? The gently sloping land that allows mechanization and easy flow of water for irrigation by gravity.
? Availability of water from river perkerra.
? Presence of semi-arid conditions making it necessary to irrigate the land.

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