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Form 4 geography questions and answers on industry

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Course: Geography

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This are questions and answers for the form four topic on industry .This will enable the learner to have a better view of what the topic entails and to also familiarize with some of the questions testable in this topic. This questions will also enable one to go through the topic easily with out any difficulties and avoid negativity about this topic with result to better performance once one encounters such a topic.

1. (a)Explain why the Government of Kenya encourages the setting up of industries in rural areas.
? It leads to utilization of locally available raw materials that would otherwise be left idle.
? It leads to improvement of social amenities thereby raising the standards of living of rural communities.
? It leads to improvement of transport and communication network thus opening up rural areas for development.
? It enables the rural population to sell raw materials to industries thus earning income.
? It leads to diversification of the economy thus reducing the over reliance of rural community on agriculture.
? It creates employment opportunities in rural areas thus reducing migration into urban areas thus raising standards of living.

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