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  • Address: Tom mboya street, mombasa P.O BOX 90420
  • Location: Mombasa
  • Telephone Number:
  • Email Address:
  • College Website:

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Latest Reviews by Students and Alumni

Technical university of mombasa Reviews and Rating by Students and Alumni: 4.7 out of 5 based on 18 ratings and 18 reviews.
  • Mazera Rodgers(Electrical engineering Class of 2012)4It is the course of my choice.
    +0     -0
  • Stanley Gatimu(Bsc. Mathematics and Computer science Class of 2020)4I am a Mathematics and Computer science student.
    TUM is a nice place to be and offers great experiences apart from education.
    +0     -0
  • Primerose Omoto(Journalism and Mass Communication Class of 2016)5Every student's academic dream.
    +0     -0
  • Emmah Gatugi(BCOM Class of 2018)5I love my course and the university. It's location is total serene beauty.
    +0     -0
  • Levi Khisa Mwangale(Mechanical Engineering (Production) Class of 2011)5Still looking for job opportunities.
    +0     -0
  • Moses Nyaimwa(Renewable energy and environmental physics Class of 2017)4Currently here.
    +0     -0
  • Nasra Rama(Computer studies Class of 2014)5It was just a short course but awesome!
    +0     -0
  • Okoko Irene Mkavi(Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology Class of 2014)4Currently looking for internship.
    +0     -0
  • Alya Amina(Tourism management Class of 2011)5The inter cultural relationship at campus was well, there was no minority group or more affluent group, we were all comrades.
    +0     -0
  • Ali Salim Kalela(bachelor of science and tourism management Class of 2017)5I like the fact that i can be able to look after Kenya's flora and fauna.
    The creativity and originality of my fellow pupils is also admirable.
    +0     -0

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