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Religion 122 Question Paper

Religion 122 

Course:Introduction To Christian Ethical Thinking

Institution: Laikipia University question papers

Exam Year:2017

Introduction. Answer question one and any other two questions. Question one
a.Define the concept personal and Social Ethics. (4mks)

b. Explain the difference between Ethics and morals. (4mks)

c. Enumerate and briefly explain the sources of Christian Ethics. (6mks)

d. List the foundation of Christian Ethics. (4mks)

e.Explain the concept human person, human acts and acts of man (6mks)

f. List and explain the four properties of human acts. (6mks)

Question two

a. Discuss the role of God the Father, the son and the Holy spirit in Christian ethical thinking. (6mks)

b. Explain how human acts are the main sources of morality. (4mks)

c. Name and explain each of the five fundamental ethical principles. (10mks)

Question three

a. Define the concept moral law and explain its nature (6mks)

b. What is the difference between moral law and natural law. (8mks)

c. Enumerate the main classification of moral law. (6mks)

Question four

a. Enumerate the main properties of natural law. (4mks)

b. Define the concept rights and duties (4mks)

c. What is the relationship between rights and duties (6mks)

d. What is the importance of moral law in Christian Ethics? (6mks)

Question five

a. Define the concept conscience and explain its nature (6mks)

b. What are the main divisions and properties of conscience (7mks)

c. Explain the morality of Human acts and its sources (7mks)

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