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Laikipia University Past Exams Question Papers

Find Laikipia University past papers here. Feel free to use all the available model question papers as your prepare for your examinations.
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Primary and High School Exams With Marking Schemes

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Comp 213/Comp 408: Application For The Internet /Web Design And Development
Corporate Finance:Econ 420
Econ 403: Financial Accounting Cat 1
Edci 212: Health Physical Education
Bioc 100: Introduction To Biochemistry And Biodiversity
Bioc 302: Biochemical Bacteriology And Mycology
Bioc 311: Phytochemistry
Bmed 110: Human Morphology
Bioc 307: Pharmaceutical Biochemistry
Bioc 307: Pharmaceutical Biochemistry
Religion 122
History 121: Selected Themes In Global History Ii
Econ 234
Agribusiness Supply Chain Management
Bust 111
Bust 111
Bust 111
Usal 120:Natural Plant Products And Processing
Comp 101:Introduction To Computer Applications
Econ 100:Introduction To Economics
Bmed 111:Human Physiology
Bota 131:General Microbiology
Edfo112 : Philosophy Of Education
Comp 101 :Introduction To Computer Applications
Kisw122 :Fonetiki Na Fonolojia
Epsc 224 :Statistics In Behavioural Science
Bmed 233:Protozoology
Lins 104 :Cataloging Practice
Hist 130 ; History Of Kenya
Lins 251 :Information Technology