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Reading and passing in Kenyan exams


Date Posted: 6/14/2014 3:57:31 AM

Posted By: Razen  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 3454

Sometimes the unlimited freedom students in campus and colleges have can be their own downfall. The institutions place no rules. No working rules if I might elaborate. This causes students to make their own way of life in there and surely, few make the best. Sometimes a student can remain within the institute and be the worst time user. Mobile devices, television sets, laptops, tablets, etc can be what the students want them to be. If I decide to use my laptop as a money making device, or an entertainment zone ,or a library, or a studio, my will is done!

Sometimes failure is inevitable and so is success. This means that failing is not easy and so is passing. KNEC requires students to achieve a minimum of 40 marks, a complete project and over 80% class attendance. If the goals aren't met, the results come out in a way that it poses no smile on a students face. This can be avoided starting now!
Follow me…

1. There is time for everything, understand that!
Time for studies should be time for studies. Try to make the best out of what the lectures provide to you because they have the skill and technique you need to service, just like the people ahead of you who passed. They have been there and they are the reason why many people fail, the reason why many students fail is in their own hands. Don’t be so much stuck in books on the other hand. Too much work without play…
To make studies fun and cool, just find the tools you need. If you feel you want no book near you and its time for study just visit YouTube and search for these video lectures. They will be more attracting and act as both studies and entertainment. Things like

educational games and walks can be substitutes to studies and believe me, they all get the job done.

2. Keep dead weight away from your life
Friends can be dead weight. Useless novels, useless videos, useless activities, etc all make your life heavier. Just drop them and you shall be much more lighter than you can imagine. Sometimes things that were once useful quickly run out of time and turns to dead weight, movies, friends, etc. drop them and move on.

3. Set your goals and chase them around
If you plan to cover a given number of topics in a unit, chase on time and strive to achieve that winning mark when you cover them. Just make time from rare time givers like entertainment and chase a topic. Set a study timetable and don’t mind if you look like a high school kid to them, they will not help you anyway if you fail or get a ‘course not completed’ result. If they wont mind if you pass or fail, why should they mind if you study or not?

4. Sometimes it takes that extra effort to succeed!
I was smiled in an exam room when I easily got some twelve marks with no effort at all. This was because I read a rare book that seemed useless and out of date. It was a tip that no longer works nowadays and the exam was asking us to recall it in order to make changes on a current system. That extra mile was all that it takes to get it right.

5. In an exam room, just relax and don’t panic.

6. I promise you that if you studied and attended lectures, you know answers to most of the questions. In fact you have answers to all of the questions. The only effort you require is the effort to recall them from the brain. Tackle simple questions first before the complex ones stress your mind. Be confident and struggle to remember. Sometimes thinking outside the box provides answers to twisted questions.

7. Be brave, you can make it!!

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