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Reasons why environmental courses should be included in the 8.4.4 curriculum


Date Posted: 6/20/2014 11:58:26 PM

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forest officer” shall have the meaning assigned to it
under the Forests Act, 2005;
“game farming” means the rearing of wildlife in an
enclosed and controlled environment for wildlife
conservation, trade and recreation;
“game ranching” means the keeping of wildlife
under natural extensive conditions with the intention of
engaging in wildlife conservation, recreation and trade;
“government trophy” means a trophy declared to be
a Government trophy by or under the provisions of this
“habitat” means a place or site where wildlife
naturally occurs and which provides food, cover and water
on which wildlife depend directly or indirectly;
“harvesting” means the felling, trimming, docking,
splitting, debarking, extracting or uprooting of any plant or
plant substance;
“hazardous substance” means any chemical, waste,
gas, medicine, drug, plant, animal or micro-organism
which is likely to be injurious to human health or the
“honorary warden” means a honorary

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