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University life is not a bed of roses, away from the common misconception


Date Posted: 11/16/2014 3:00:57 AM

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University life from a first years point of view

A person felt great as he entered the university of his or her choice. It was to be a life of bliss but really this was not to be the case all the time. Life here is not a bed of roses. a person may ask,what maybe the reason for this contrary view.

First,at university you start a life of independence where you have to make all decisions by yourself,academic,personal activities like what to eat,when to do something.This is a bit hard to achieve because mainly high schools didn't give that much freedom of making decisions all by yourselves,thus when much freedom is placed on your hands it seems a daunting task,its comical since usually people graved for freedom.

Then comes the task of not being able to fit in, university life entails engaging in social activities like bashes,rampages or even games like football,basketball or indoor games. The hard fact is that being single is like committing a high class crime, for example it proves really hard to attend evening bashes single. At least you have to have a friend. The society forms notions about you not even caring to know what is going on in your mind,whether they believe you have concur with theirs.

The key things seems like having friends whom you will share your experiences,fears,jokes,feelings and the like. To some instance this is kind of a hard feet to achieve since a person may only have friends of same sex with him and a person may not be comfortable with situation but as they say Rome was not built in a day so there is time to broaden the list considering that here you meet many people most of the time.

Also here a person should be very careful of his or

her actions,why? it is not uncommon to see some first year ladies pregnant. Here the innocent one says 'how lucky i am but this is not case to laugh about' because a persons life is disrupted by a scene that could have been avoided.

In conclusion university life needs patience,prayer and sacrifice. It is like a book that you must read for you to understand.

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