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Three major children discipline strategies


Date Posted: 5/4/2017 4:46:52 AM

Posted By: lydiak  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 813

Children learn by observing.No one can limit the extent of information a child can pick up while growing from their environment and their surrounding.However, we can guide them on picking what is right and avoiding what is not right: this is what is called discipline. Different people, guardians, and parents have adopted different strategies to discipline their children.Discipline has been used to teach desirable behavior, expectations and good morals to children.One can always follow the one that works with a particular child as different children have different learning abilities and temperaments.Here we will discuss three major strategies on children discipline:

Positive reinforcement Strategy: In this strategy, parents reward good behavior. Reinforcing desirable behavior is done by giving a reward for positive and good behavior.
Negative Reinforcement: In this strategy, the guardian removes or takes away something valuable to the child as a way to communicate that what they have done is wrong.For example, if a child has a doll, a toy, computer games or something they love to have, they can be taken away from them if they misbehave as a way to discipline them.

Punishment: In the latter days, people used very harsh punishment strategies. Punishment as a strategy has however evolved from corporal punishment to better punishment strategies that can work well without harming the child ego and self-worth. Punishment can be both positive or negative.A positive punishment occurs when a stimulus is applied to them to cause a change in behavior while a negative stimulus occurs when a stimulus or something that affects the child is taken away from them or is removed as a consequence of their behavior.A child can be punished in different ways, for example, a guardian can have a place where the child is supposed to go and remain there for a specified period.This happens every

time the child misbehaves.This is regarded as time-out and has worked massively in children discipline.Others have used grounding where a child is grounded for misbehavior.

Being consistent and keeping one's word plays a major role as it communicates the seriousness you have regarding the matter.Some guardians use caning as a disciplinary method as the good book says" spare the rod spoil the child".Communicating the discipline plan as well as the reason for taking a certain measure is highly recommended as it helps the child to better understand what they have done wrong, what it has resulted to.This reduces a repeat of a similar action as they will not want a similar occurrence.Always show love and respect to the child so as not to read disregard of them rather show them it the behavior you want to crop out and not them.

Child discipline as other things will continue to evolve and it always good to find out and practice that which works best with a particular child to ensure desirable results.

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