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How to optimize internet content search


Date Posted: 11/12/2017 12:34:50 AM

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How to optimize internet content search

Search Engines

Internet search engines form the crucial part of how we request content from online. You can get the most out of them by learning how they work, and how to use them quickly and effectively. Ensure you type your question the correctly to avoid fewer results or too many unintended results. The following are Search methods used by search tools to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of Internet search.

Internet search methods

Keyword search/use unique, specific terms
Involve keying the main idea, phrase or concept. Before you start your search make sure you list keywords that define your topic these will become your search terms. For effective search always choose the best combination of a keyword.

Use quotation marks for exact phrases

Phrases are combinations of two or more words that must be found in the documents you're searching for in the exact order shown. Using quotation marks around a phrase will return only those exact words in that order. This helps limit the pages returned.

Avoid use of common words and punctuation

Some common terms like a the and are referred to as stop words together with punctuations are usually ignored. Exceptions are that common words and punctuation marks should be used when searching for a specific phrase inside quotes.


This is a use of either lowercase or uppercase. Most search engines do not distinguish between uppercase and lowercase, even within quotation no need to worry about your punctuation since it’s not much considered.

Make use of auto-complete feature

Involves ordering search terms from the general search to specific in the search box will help display helpful results in a drop-down list and is the most efficient way this is what is called autocomplete. Make sure your choice is correct this helps to get correct results and also saves typing time.


use of browser history

Browser history is a feature which tracks down user activities while using the internet. Researching an item and scanning through many of pages visited helps remember something you had dismissed as being irrelevant. In general browsing history helps find web pages you may have used previously or dismissed.

Limit your search

In case you find that you’re getting results that aren’t what you’re looking for, you can use a minus sign to make ensure that you exclude results that include a certain word or phrase. Many search engines have advanced search tools that let you limit your search to just one country or certain time.

Search engines when used appropriately retrieve exact result more quickly and efficiently.

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