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How computers facilitate research in marine science


Date Posted: 6/30/2014 11:48:47 AM

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1. Data processing and analysis: this is the process of checking, preparing, organizing and quality-controlling raw data for the purpose of producing needed information. In marine science, a combination of manual, computer assisted and fully automated methods are used to record, classify, sort, summarize, calculate, disseminate and store data. Data processing and analysis are fundamental skills that marine scientists use to transform raw data from sensors, instruments and models to a form use-able by customers ranging from commercial fishermen and harbor pilots to coastal engineers and naval architects.

2. A new adventure among scientists is the idea of a “collaboratory”, an internet based collaborative laboratory, in which researchers all over the world can work easily together even at a distance. This is also applicable to marine scientists thereby facilitating research in marine science around the globe.

3. Computers can be used in robotics. Robotics is the use of robots to carry out a research or for entertainment. In marine science, the study of some species that are found deep in the ocean where divers cannot reach due to high pressure experienced, requires the use of robots that have been tested on the same kind of pressure that is experienced below the ocean, to enable the scientists to get visual by cameras attached to the robots f whatever is going on down there or to study new organisms.

4. Computers can be used in design and planning. Design and planning consists of research design, research variables, sampling plan, reviewing research plan and pilot study. Several software are available to calculate the sample size required for the proposed study. NCSS-PASS-GESS is such a software. The standard deviation from the pilot study is required for the sample size calculation.

5. Computers are used in the conceptual phase of the research process. The conceptual phase consists of research

problem, review of literature, theoretical framework and formulation of hypothesis. Computers help for searching the literature and bibliographic references stored in the electronic databases of the world wide web. It can therefore be used for storing relevant published articles to be retrieved whenever needed. This has the advantage over searching of literature in the form of books, journals and other newsletters at the libraries which consume considerable time and effort.

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