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Effects of Industrialization on Health and Healthcare Delivery


Date Posted: 4/18/2015 6:08:59 AM

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Industrialization - It is a process that has occurred in history of economically development of nation, states and government. It is a series of radical changes and involvement of economic cultural and scientific overview of a specific place and remains a model to other undeveloped nations for example third world country for looks at the achievement of developed nations like United States and China.
Health - It is the state of being physical, psychological and social well of an individual.
Healthcare Delivery - This is the delivery of healthcare services to an individual and it includes diagnosis and also treatment and prevention of diseases that can affect the physiological functioning of the normal body of both healthy and unhealthy individual
Effects of Industrialization on Health and Healthcare Delivery
Positive Effects on Health

1. Promoting health through health messages
Through electronic media like television radio and computers people are able to access important health messages that ensures good health for example basic healthy procedures like hand washing bathing and tooth brushing of which facilitate individuals in observing basic hygiene and thus promoting better health to individual. The media also ensures that people are able to observe good hygiene through advertisement that are currently making sure that people are always keeping up with good health practices.
2. Promoting health through physical activities and activities
Industrialization has led to invention of machines of which help to maintain quality and healthy daily lives through physical activities and exercises this ensure healthy lives and help in prevention of diseases caused by sedentary lifestyle for example hypertension and atherosclerosis
3. Treatment of disease
Technology has ensured treatment of diseases due to the manufacture of drugs and medicine of which are efficient in treatment and prevention of diseases thus promoting individual help and ensure efficient healthcare delivery since some medications facilitate healthcare delivery for example anesthetics

are administered before surgery thus ensuring effective and sufficient time to deliver health during surgery
4. Prevention of diseases
Through the study of microorganism scientist are able to understand disease causing microorganisms and how to come up with a vaccine of which prevents the disease from occurring for example polio vaccine for poliomyelitis
5. Development of education
Industrialization led to the development of education of which people are eradicated on how to carry out essential health practices and also to understand themselves better and thus promoting health.

Positive Effects of Industrialization on Healthcare Delivery

1. Easy access of health services
Through good infrastructures like roads they provide transportation of individuals to the healthcare facility for example hospital clinics and dispensaries. It has also ensured transportation of healthcare practitioners and their equipment to remote and marginalized communities to provide health
2. Industrialization has led to provision of essential machines
Machine like defibrillators, electrocardiogram and suctioning machines are used in diagnosing of disease and treatment of diseases thus enhancing health and reducing pain and also help the healthcare providers to distinguish between the normal and abnormal body changes and also prevents complication from occurring.
3. Enhances research and study of different health hazards
Through industrialization history of diseases are documented and helps in future research on factors affecting health and healthcare deliveries. This study has helped us to know different causes of diseases and their mode of transmission and thus helps us in preventing the disease.
4. Enhancement of better communication
Through development of industrialization good communication media was developed between healthcare providers and their colleagues and also or other individual in the society thus ensuring effective healthcare providence for example through telephones, internet and mail services patients are able to communicate with their doctors thus facilitating healthcare delivery.

Negative Effects of Industrialization on Health and Healthcare Delivery

Although industrialization has got the merits in health and healthcare delivery it has also got the demerits of which hinder health and healthcare delivery by healthcare providers.
1. Urbanization
Industrialization led to migration of people from rural areas to urban regions leading to overpopulation and overcrowding thus resulting to poor health practices due to congestion and development of slums. Individuals are more susceptible in contracting diseases which results from overcrowding for example tuberculosis. Overcrowding also lead to easy spread of diseases of individuals in overcrowded area. Urbanization has led to poor healthcare delivery due to increase in number of population more than healthcare practitioners
2. Pollution
Due to rapid industrialization and more building of industries pollution in rivers and water bodies and also release of smoke to the atmosphere can lead to diseases for example cancer and respiratory diseases and can also lead to genetic disorders if one is exposed to radioactive chemicals thus leading to deformities of which affect health of an individual
3. Spread of diseases
Overpopulation in urban areas has led to the spread of diseases for example cholera, tuberculosis and all other diseases of which are spread through contact, airborne or waterborne thus leading to deteriorating of health to individuals. The diseases are not easily controlled due to huge numbers affected
4. Industrialization has led to emergence of social class and corruption.
This has led unfair distribution of resources among healthcare facilities thus affecting healthcare delivery. Individuals with low status in society are not able access healthcare facilities with well equipped with quality diagnostic equipment thus the provision of care depends on poor health delivery available.

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