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Strive to maintain health and nutrition at all costs


Date Posted: 4/2/2012 12:49:51 AM

Posted By: sashoo  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 382

Good health and nutrition slows down ageing:

Health and nutrition, it goes without saying, should be sought for at all costs. Nowadays for instance, man is prone to be exposed to all forms of harsh conditions, most of which are inevitable. These harsh and even hazardous conditions accelerate the ageing process and without realizing it, one ends up looking older than their years. For this reason, nutritional supplements are meant to counter these effects and actually slow down the ageing process.

There are innumerable reasons why nutritional supplements are not an exception for you. On the contrary, they may turn out to just be a basic need depending on how frequently you get exposed to these “hazardous” surroundings around you. One could be thinking, “What is this fatal environment?” Well, I have discussed below some of the common harmful conditions.

First and foremost are the Ultra-Violet (UV) rays from the sun. This daily assault on our bodies has got such adverse effects ranging from skin cancer all the way to skin creasing, and consequently premature ageing. I know many are ignorant of this damage caused by the sun but if possible, let us try and avoid the sun. Some may argue about a certain vitamin that the sun offers but let us understand that the ozone layer has kept growing thinner over the years, thus exposing all of the sun’s harmful effects to all living things at large.

Health and nutrition is also affected by frequent radiations from phones (mobile phones), X-rays and not forgetting the microwave.

Nutritional supplements will help lessen the damage caused by these radiations and also the sun, hence slowing down the ageing process. Make sure though, you get the RIGHT nutritional supplement for this purpose. You can try GNLD products, FLP – Forever Living Products among other certified sources

of nutritional supplements.

Health and nutrition is also undermined by pollutants and chemicals that are a common occurrence in our homes. Various toxins are so evident in our environment too. What do they do? They accelerate one’s toxic load making it to increase on a daily basis, gradually affecting their bodies’ physiological processes. What next after this? Ageing sets in, of course prematurely. So obtaining the right nutritional supplements to counter this will be of great help here.

One might be thinking, “Aren’t there sufficient nutrients in the food we eat?” I would answer them this, “Isn’t heat just enough to destroy all the nutrients available in the food we eat?” To be honest, I do not know of any food that is 100% nutritious; be they fruits, vegetables, grains and so on. Most fruits are not eaten fresh and by the time they are consumed they are about 50% less nutritious. Grains and vegetables lose their nutrients through cooking. Heat destroys nutrients.

Health and nutrition therefore, like I said, should be maintained by nutritional supplements, at all costs. This is for purposes of health and slow ageing. Since we can not avoid exposing ourselves to these harsh conditions - exhaust gases from factories and vehicles, side effects of pharmaceutical drugs and bacteria and viruses – it is high time we tried nutritional supplements for perfect health and nutrition.

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