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How to effectively manage the two liter water intake on a daily basis.


Date Posted: 4/2/2012 6:05:14 AM

Posted By: sashoo  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 382

How to effectively take the two liters of water.

In health and nutrition, it is recommended to take at least two liters of water on a daily basis. Now I know it is hard for most people to take even half a liter of water per day. “It is hard…it is hard…,” they reiterate. However true this may seem to be, you can follow up a systematic procedure to ensure you successfully take the two liters of water on daily basis.

Some of the tips on how to effectively manage the two liter water intake on a daily basis are just what I am going to discuss here. Well, I believe the tips will enable you to improve on your health and nutrition when you realize how incredibly easy it is to manage the two liter water intake on a daily basis.

Take water little by little or sip by sip. Do not think you will manage to take the entire two liters at a single sitting. That will not be possible. Just measure two liters of water in a jar, a bottle or some other container. Try and sip this water little by little throughout the day. You will be amazed that by the time you go to bed, you shall have managed to take two liters of water and even more. This will just go along the way to boost your health and nutrition levels.

You can opt for hot or warm water. For starters, it can be extremely difficult to take cold water. Hot water is an option here. It is manageable to take a glass of hot water at a go, as opposed to cold water. This is how you may start off on this healthy lifestyle of improving your personal health and nutrition.

First thing in the

morning when you wake up, start your day with a glass of hot or cold water. Obey this rule throughout the day by taking a glass of water first, before taking your meals. This is possible because whenever one feels hungry, they can eat anything. This can be the best chance for you to take water because you may at least manage a glass of it. In most cases, people tend to mistake thirst for hunger. Have you ever felt hungry and the moment you just took water the hunger was no more? You may have probably mistaken your thirst for hunger.

Your health and nutrition can be maintained even more when you exercise. You will realize here that you will feel thirstier when you exercise than when you do not. So exercising is just one of the ways to enable you manage the two liter water intake on a daily basis.

Eat plenty of water-logged fruits like water melon. This will especially help if you have a problem completing the two liters of water on a daily basis. Just substitute the water for these fruits. This is because water is water, whether from fruits or from rain. It could as well perform the same functions that water does in the body, for the general well being of your health and nutrition.

For unparalleled health and nutrition, try vegetable juices and fruit juices too. POINT TO NOTE HERE is that they must be natural and not artificially made. Make sure the juice is mixed up with enough water and do not add sugar or anything else. Remember you are substituting for water, and these juices are only meant to assist you for that particular purpose- provide you with water. You may start NOW!

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