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Thread away all that facial ''fuzz''.


Date Posted: 8/17/2012 3:49:10 PM

Posted By: meg soni  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 2477

As women most of us are familiar with random sprouts of hair that miraculously find themselves on our face.It is that thing called facial hair that forms a shadowy stach on our upper lip or makes our eyebrows look like something out of a horror film.The fact is,it is hair and it is as natural as it gets but we are women and we prefer to think smooth and hair free is the way to be.We all have some facial hair but what is the best way to get rid of it?There is waxing,tweezing or plucking,threading,laser,electrolysis and so on but what is the best for the face?Laser seems to be the way forward in terms of reducing the hair on your face permanently but it is expensive and not all of us are thrilled by the idea of having a laser beam poking at our face.Research has shown threading as the best way to get rid of facial hair because it is:
•Natural-it is chemical free.
•Acne friendly-It is recommended to women who break out easily and for those using anti-acne creams.
•Wrinkle free-pulling is limited to the hairs,unlike waxing,which tugs on the skin causing it to loosen and sag and eventually leads to premature wrinkles.
•Accurate-When shaping your eyebrows,you do not want to find yourself left with half an eyebrow.Threading is a lot more intricate than waxing because it concentrates on a row of hairs rather than an entire chunk that you clearly cannot afford to strip off by mistake.
-Less irritation-It does not strip off the top layer of your skin and is therefore less traumatic for your skin.
A lot of women might prefer tweezing but the results are not as effective as threading;tweezing only cuts the hair resulting in a quicker and thicker growth,whereas threading pulls each hair from the root.Does

it hurt?Yes it does,especially under the eyebrow but that is where the over-used ''beauty is pain'' and ''no pain no gain'' lines come in.If you want to look good,you just have to suck it in.Ladies,the next time your face is feeling fuzzy,you know what to do.

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