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Are we too careless in our day-to-day life to manage successful relationships?


Date Posted: 10/26/2012 5:24:04 AM

Posted By: BethM  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 45

Why does it appear impossible to maintain a successful relationship in this day and age? How comes our parents and grand parents seemed to have a better way of life in terms of getting into happy and fulfilling relationships? Where are we going wrong?

Well, I have an opinion on what is wrong. The issue is attitude. We have the wrong attitude. In the olden days, one would only get into a relationship if he/she was interested in getting married, and divorce was not an option. Today, what rules our getting into or out of a relationship is our selfishness. Its not for better or for worse anymore. It what can I gain in this with the least input on my part? With this kind of attitude, it is impossible to maintain a relationship.

The other issue is what we expose ourselves to. Turn on the television and all the soap operas and dramas are about jealousy, murder, money, infidelity and all the other vices there can ever be. Listen to talk shows over the radio and the same thing is broadcasting. How about the music? Its about alcohol and debauchery. This is what we are soaking our minds with from morning to evening. All media is offering are vices and more vices. In computer world, it is GIGO- garbage in, garbage out. The same is with us. Although it may be so subtle that we do not even realize where we are picking our habits from, research has shown that indeed, media has a big influence on a people's outlook to life.

Soap operas have been shown to be a reflection of what the society is or what is needed. When the romance needs were fulfilled, there was not much watching of soap operas.It was therefore observed that people got

hooked up to romance stories and soap operas as intimacy and meaningful relationships diminished.

There also is a surge in usage of pornographic material. People living in imaginations and sensualism, totally removed from this world. It is common knowledge that there are no two people in this world with similar imaginations. This false world of imaginations, coupled with poor communication has led to increased expectation which can not be met by any real person,save the false imagined personality.

My proposal is, if all the negative media is shunned and there is a change in our approach and attitude towards relationships, there will be better fulfilling relationships.

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