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Learn about the extent of Jesus's love for you and me, "Must read"


Date Posted: 11/9/2012 5:06:24 AM

Posted By: fly1234  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 15

Long long ago, before time and space existed, God wanted a family, He loved human beings too much to let them die in eternal fire. So the Father(God) called the son(Jesus) and a conversation ensured. Something like this;

"Son", then there was a long pause as the Father searched the Son's eyes. "I want a family, however, it is not going to be easy because you will go and lay down your life for them". By this time, tears are running down the cheeks of the Father, thinking how bitter an experience it was going to be for Him and Son when in all his glory, He humbly accepts to do that.

All the activities in heaven come to a stand still at that moment as Angels plus all the multitude of heavenly host try to absorb what God has told His Son. The Holy Spirit, i believe, is so deeply troubled that He is left speechless. So the Son thinks so hard and because He loves You and Me so much, he says, "Yes, i will go".

Imagine, that was the extent at which Christ was willing to go for you and me. In fact the greatest history ever made on earth is not that man has gone to the moon, rather it's the fact that God came to earth, interacted with human beings in form of Jesus.

Because of His abundant mercies, God saw that the standards for going to heaven were so high. No one could achieve them whatsoever. I remember during the old testament times, when people used to have all kinds of offerings and sacrifices. There was also a restriction, where people could not access God directly except through a Priest.

The Priest would have a rope tied around his ankle when he entered the Holy of Hollies, just in

case the offering was not accepted before God, he would drop down dead and so the people would pull the body of the Priest out.

That was the situation, you can imagine. However, the good news is that, about 2000 years ago, a Man came to break that barrier and today, we have the privilege of accessing God directly, but remember, only if you know Christ as your Savior.

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