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How to spend your holiday time wisely


Date Posted: 12/2/2012 11:49:52 AM

Posted By: Dougy Songs  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 325

Now schools have closed and others are closing, some students have finished their ordinary levels and others, their primary level. Since December holidays are here, what are you planning to do this holiday?

How are you going to spend your holiday as a student? Hook up with estate guys and catch up with latest music hits, movies and fashion? Sit in a small groups around the shopping centre and gossip, while admiring members of the opposite sex all day? Experiment with cigarettes and alcohol and probably the other hard stuff? Book a permanent position in front of television set? Buy the latest earphones to blast music from your ipod to the point of making yourself deaf?

Here are some things suggested that can keep you busy, entertained and even useful this holiday. Learning never stops and so for those who are still in school waiting to join next class, why not join discussion groups within your neighbourhood comprising of students from different schools? It helps you tap 'tricks' of answering questions from other students.

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy and Jane a gloomy girl. Thus it is advisable you create some time for leisure. Did you know that it is refreshing to join your church, youth group or to become a member of your local library? Is there an organised football club within your reach, or volunteer club next to you? Join one, it is not as dull as you imagine.

By finding out and becoming a member of such group, you will not only spend time wisely, but will also develop important contacts with other people while improving your social skills. And in case there isn't such a group in your neighbourhood, how about starting one? It takes only two or three friends to make an

organised team and within no time, other like-minded youth will join you.

Last but not least, schedule family time as a priority. Ask your parents how you can help out. You can clean the house, prepare family meals or do shopping. If you have younger brothers and sisters, you can assist them with their homework and spend quality time with them. Those living in urban areas can create time to visit their grandparents' upcountry.

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