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How to keep the living room clean and neat


Date Posted: 1/5/2013 10:50:33 AM

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In a typical African setting, a living room also referred to as a table room is a place where people take their meals and chat. Like all other rooms, the table room also needs to be maintained properly.

Clean the floor of the living room everyday with Vimm. You can also add other cleaning products to the water such as Omo, Sunlight. This acts as a disinfectant and kills germs as well as maintains freshness. In addition, schedule to clean your windows once per week preferably on weekends.

Use an air freshener. Air freshener secures nice smell throughout and can cover foul smells. When purchasing an air freshener, bring your whole family along so that each person can assess each type of freshener in the market. This is essential especially for those people with chronic sneezing problems.

Arrange chairs neatly. Sofa sets should be arranged in strategic positions to allow free movement of people around the room. Place plastic chairs in a corner to avoid overcrowding the room. Ensure that the arrangement suits everyone in terms of accessibility to the television.

Avoid keeping books in the living room. Too many books in the table room can cause overcrowding. Therefore, keep all books in your home library. In this context, books also include magazines, newspapers, periodicals, journals and any writing material.

Invest in a good wall unit. A wall unit comes in handy when storing items such as glasses. In addition, it brings glamour into the room especially when it is an outstanding piece of furniture. Electrical gadgets such as television, digital video player and laptops can be placed in the wall unit. Ensure that you keep the wall unit free of dust and water.

Always clear the table after a meal and clean the table. Cleanliness is second to Godliness. Therefore

in this regard, the tables should be cleaned as circumstances deems fit and necessary. Leftover foods on the table results to unpleasant smell as well as becomes a haven for ants.

Add glamour and color to your table room. This can be done through several ways such as painting, hanging a picture on the wall or placing flowers on the wall unit. Ensure that the colors you paint on the walls of the table room are not too dull.

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