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I was conned ksh 200,000 two years ago


Date Posted: 8/19/2013 11:10:29 PM

Posted By: 29922738  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 455

It is better for someone to steal from you than to con you.A thief will steal from you things that you have exposed to them without you noticing while a con man will steal from you things that you personally give him or her willingly for a certain purpose only to end up losing it all.This is what make conning a more painful experience compared to theft.

I was conned a day like today two years ago.I had applied for a job vacancy at cocacola campany Thika branch and I was waiting for the interview which had been scheduled to take place three days from then. It was at night when a certain man called me and introduced himself as an accomplice of the human resource manager at the company. He informed me that the job vacancy was on sale to anyone willing to part with two hundred thousand shillings as soon as possible. I thought about it for a minute and I was convinced that luck had come my way. I had saved some money in my bank account and thus I was ready to part with the cash for me to secure the job. Anyway, we should use money to get money.

I agreed to the offer and promised to pay the money on the following day without failure.The man went ahead to direct me on how he would receive the money. I was to meet him at an hotel the following day and nobody should accompany me. I was extremely happy that I had at last secured a job without much struggle.

The following day I met the man at the hotel we had agreed and gave him the money.He told me that everything was already set during the interview day and all I needed was to appear together with

other interviewees. After he had given to me all the instructions, we parted ways.
When the day scheduled for the interview came I went to be interviewed. The whole process was as usual. All this time I knew that the choice had been made and all I needed to do was to wait for my confirmation. After the interview I was boggled to learn that another person had secured the job.I approached the manager to explain to him what had happened only for him to tell me that he does not take bribes and knew nothing about the man. This is when it dawned at me that i had been conned.
I was furious and disappointed and wished the ground would swallow me.I had lost my only savings to a con man who was no where to be reached.I learnt the hard way to be watchful to deals which seem too good.

I urge each and everyone looking for a job to be extra careful. Do not look for shortcuts to secure a job. There are hundreds of con men out there waiting for naive job seekers. Learn from my experience.

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