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Our parents are our greatest support


Date Posted: 10/24/2013 5:35:05 AM

Posted By: Kasyowi  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 105

Nothing brings greater pride to our parents than the satisfaction of raising a socially adopt, well educated and morally upright child. Parents have been blamed for several things especially when a teenager goes astray.

While this might apply to some extent, the more one thinks about it, the more he/she realizes that children do not give parents the opportunity to be part of their lives especially when they are growing up. When one was younger nothing could separate him/her from his/her parents; everywhere they went, he/she followed them. However, as one grows older and "wiser", he/she misunderstands independence as kicking away parents from their lives.

Most teenagers cannot imagine anything more draining than having to spend time with their parents. They probably think of them as old fashioned, or assume that they can't possibly handle their problems. Simply put, they take them for granted!

By shutting parents out of our lives, we end up making mistakes we could have easily avoided if we were open and honest with them. How else would we know the value of family if not from our parents? How else would we know the secret of happy marriage if not from our own parents? We forget that our parents were at some point teenagers dealing with the same issues we face.

Therefore, our parents matter a lot. Without them, we would be nothing. They brought us into this world, with the hope that we could grow to enjoy life responsibly, to treat others with respect and to be a testament to what they stand for. No one is perfect and the same can be said of parents. Yet despite their flaws, they are able to provide fair instruction, love and security. They not only teach us as their own parents taught them, but also learn from us as


Our parents are also our greatest support system we can ever have. They may not often, say it but you can see it from their actions. Whether you are nursing a broken heart or having tough time finding a job, your parents will stand by you. Your problem becomes their problem, when you are hurt, they get hurt too, when you are happy it warms their hearts.

Asking a lot of questions about your progress is not their way of being nosy, but rather genuine concern about your well being. Their support is unconditional, but sometimes our willingness to admit defeat or pain limits how much our parents can do for us. To some extent, they might even fear talking to us for fear of rejection.

Our parents are our providers. They do the best they can for us and a little appreciation for them wouldn't hurt. Right from kindergarten to the day we wake up to receive our degrees, there have been plenty of provisions and sacrifices made for us. They give us time, money, patience and care without complaints or reservations. There is no way to repay that sort of kindness, but we can try. You can show appreciation through activities such as cooking for them or offering to drive them wherever they want to go.

Thus,in celebration of those who gave you life, think about the sacrifices they have made for you and the unconditional love they have provided and still continue to. Moulding another person is not an easy task and hopefully, you turned out to be a great human being because of the role your parents played.

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