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How to lose weight through hunger free ways


Date Posted: 10/28/2013 5:31:57 AM

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As the bikini season approaches,the tire around your waist has started to niggle at you again.So you decide to take drastic action.You cut back on the calories and take the exercise routine up a gear.
It is found that you inevitably hungry,if not ravenous.Here are some ways to lose weight without going hungry;

Eat breakfast.
Skipping breakfast sends the message to your body that you are starving because you have not had food for a while.As a protective mechanism,your metabolism slow down.Food especially complex carbohydrates coupled with protein[say an egg with a wholemeal toast],fuels your metabolism.Furthermore,for most people,eating breakfast helps to prevent overeating later in the day.

Graze,do not gorge.
When we get too hungry,it becomes difficult to control what we eat and,more importantly how much.Eating between meals[say some fruits and a few nuts]can make it a lot easier to eat more healthier at meal times.So,even if you do have chips at lunch,your mid-morning snack means that you will not polish off the entire plate.Consistent eating has also been found to lower the levels of insulin-a hormone that cause weight gain in the body by stimulating the production of fat.

Do not buy it.
When unhealthy food is easily available at home,it can be close to impossible to resist.On the other hand,if it is not in your larder or fridge,you cannot eat it.So do not buy it.Crucial to making this step really work is to make sure that you do not go shopping for food,especially in a supermarket when you are hungry.Eat before you go shopping so you do not find yourself drooling in the chocolate aisle.

Go easy on the alcohol.
One of the easiest ways to bump up your intake of unwanted calories is with alcohol.Although some drinking may be driven by the taste and relaxant effects alcohol can have,it can also be driven just by thirst.Drink

enough water and stay well hydrated to avoid over-indulging in calorie-laden alcoholic drinks.

Chew thoroughly.
Eating more slowly helps to ensure that food "registers" in the body and reduces the risk of eating more than your body needs.Put down your knife and fork while you are chewing your food and savoir the taste of each mouthful.If all you did towards your weight loss program was to chew each mouthful thoroughly,you would find that you end up eating less and therefore,lose more weight.

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