Supply Management Notes for Diploma in Business Management

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Download KNEC PDF notes that you can print. The notes are well written in summary to ease your revision for the KNEC exams.
Suitable for diploma in business management students.

– Supply management: This is a process responsible for the development and management of a
firm’s total internal and external supply system.
The specific activities include:
I. Early purchase involvement (EPI) and early supplier involvement (ESI) in product design and
subsequent specifications development for important items through the use of cross-functional
II. Conduct of all purchasing function and procurement process activities
III. Heavy use of cross-functional teams in supplier qualification and selection
IV. Heavy use of purchasing partnering arrangement and strategic alliances with suppliers-to
develop close and mutually beneficial linkages with key suppliers in the value chain and control
quality and costs
V. Continuous identification of threats and opportunities in a firm’s supply environment
VI. Development of strategic , long term acquisition plans for all major materials
VII. The monitoring of continuous improvement in the supply chain
VIII.Active participation in the corporate strategic planning process
? Its prudent to note that supply management concept represents the most advanced stage in the
evolutionary development of purchasing/procurement.
Objectives of supply chain management:
i. Enhancing Customer Service/satisfaction
ii. Expanding Sales Revenue
iii. Reducing Inventory Cost
iv. Improving On-Time Delivery
v. Improving quality
vi. Reducing Lead Time
vii. Reducing Transportation Cost
viii. Reducing Warehouse Cost
ix. Reducing / Rationalize Supplier Base
x. Expanding Width / Depth of Distribution.

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