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ACCT 112: Principles of Accounting 1 Notes

Institution: Kenya Methodist University

Course: Bachelor of Business Administration

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The notes allows one to understand the double entry concept and recording all the accounting transactions.

Brief Overview:

Accounting is defined as the process of identifying, measuring and reporting economic information to the users of this information to permit informed judgment
Many businesses carry out transactions. Some of these transactions have a financial implication i.e. either cash is received or paid out. Examples of these transactions include selling goods, buying goods, paying employees and so many others.
Accounting is involved with identifying these transactions measuring (attaching a value) and reporting on these transactions. If a firm employs a new staff member then this may not be an accounting transaction. However when the firm pays the employee salary, then this is related to accounting as cash involved. This has an economic impact on the organization and will be recorded for accounting purposes. A process is put in place to collect and record this information; it is then classified and summarized so that it can be reported to the interested parties.

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