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Ect 200: Use Of Technology In Primary School Curriculum And Subject Methods Question Paper

Ect 200: Use Of Technology In Primary School Curriculum And Subject Methods 

Course: Bachelor Of Education|Bachelor Of Education (Arts)

Institution: Kenyatta University question papers

Exam Year:2019



Answer Question One and any other TWO questions.
1. a) Define and explain briefly the following computer terms.(10 marks)
i) Computer Connection
ii) Multimedia resource
iii) Motherboard
iv) Computer digital content
v) Curriculum digital content

b) Explain four benefits of Graphic Instructional materials.(8 marks)

c) State and explain briefly FOUR computer safety reassures you would enforce at all times when your children are using computers in class.(8 marks)

d) Discuss the notion that a computer is both a resource and a teaching aid.(4 marks)

2. The head teacher in your school requests you to train other members of staff in your school on the topic “HOW TO US MS EXCEL IN TEACHING AND MANAGEMENT IN PRIMARY SCHOOL”
Write the outline of your training under the following sub-headings(20 marks)

a) Importance of Excel in teaching and administration in primary school curriculum.

b) The equipment and materials you will need.

c) How to use Excel in classroom management.

3. Primary school children are naturally very inquisitive and vigorously ask many questions about anything and everything in the world around them. Discuss how you can integrate technology in your classroom practice to direct their inquisitiveness into meaningful learning.(20 marks)

4. a) Pick one topic in one of your teaching suntans prepare a lesson plan showing how you will teach it.

b)Discuss what technology you would use in this lesson and how you will use it.

c) How will you find out if the stated objectives have been achieved?

5. a) Explain FIVE ways you would apply multimedia to improve your class activities and instructional effectiveness.(10 marks)

b) Highlight the gaps that ICT integration seeks to fill in implementation of the primary school curriculum in Kenya

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