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Main challenges to the laptop project in Kenya and possible solutions


Date Posted: 5/19/2015 8:07:23 AM

Posted By: Edwin Gichimu  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 396

When the jubilee government was voted into office by the Kenyan citizens it was promising Kenyans to deliver to them whatever they were promising. One of the promises they gave was giving each and every pupil joining standard one in all Kenyan primary schools a laptop. This is what is known as the laptop project. Up to now no standard one pupil has received any laptop from the government. The following are some of the challenges to the project and possible solutions.

Power supply, it’s a major problem to the project. Most rural areas in Kenya do not have access to electricity. With these the laptop project is delayed. For this laptops to be used in schools electricity has to be installed. Therefore before implementing this project the government has to ensure that each and every primary school in Kenya has access to electricity.

Security is another issue which is delaying or a barrier to this laptop project. Currently Kenya is facing very many cases of insecurity and thus security has to be beefed up before bringing the laptops. The government has to make sure that all primary schools have adequate security to avoid theft of this laptop immediately or after they are brought to the schools.

The teachers have to be taken through a program which will teach them how to apply use of the laptops in class. Also the government should offer a platform to teach teachers who don’t have knowledge of computers. At the same time the government should install technicians at all primary schools before bringing the laptops.

Another challenge the government has to face is prioritization; the government has to set its priorities right before thinking of bringing the laptops. What am trying to say is that it doesn’t make sense to give hungry kid in Turkana a laptop

instead of giving him food first. Before giving laptops to the pupils the government should look at the welfare of its citizen.

The government should also fight politicizing the issue and corruption said to be encountered in the course of implementing the project. The opposition is trying to say that the government is not working since it has not given its citizens what it promised. The government should thus get a good explanation to that. It was heard that the tender to bring the laptops was given out corruptly and thus as the case is still ongoing. The government should come out clean to its citizens and say what is happening.

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